57 Mall APP development for distribution system

Buying, approving , selling, and pushing are new retail sales linked to | T: I3Z, V2949, and 4OIO Tang ’s core program. This model is an innovative model that has gradually become popular following the launch of the new retail concept. Let merchants reconstruct the consumption connection, 57 Mall new distribution system is an innovative model based on this concept, | T: I3Z, V2949, Electric 4OIO 唐 丨

57 mall distribution new retail system case customization

57 Mall's new retail system platform is mainly based on the innovative business concept of "consumption saves money, consumption makes money", leading the new retail! There are three major sections set up in the background: consignment center, retail center and integrated commodity area, consumers can pass the process Goods with low prices and good quality were purchased.

1. Platform introduction:

57 Mall's new retail distribution system uses online malls as channels, with distribution centers, procurement centers, operation centers, offline retail, online sales, network and other operating sectors, as well as establishing operation centers in every province and city across the country to expand business.

Based on 57 Mall's new retail system platform, it has created a professional check of supply chain channels. It conducts standardized entry audits for each online product. All the products that meet the standard can be sold on the online store to ensure that each product is genuine. All members are invited to jointly monitor counterfeiting Counterfeit goods, with prizes!

57 mall distribution new retail system model

2. Introduction of mode mechanism:

The first manufacturer's goods (direct to consumers) can save money

The second consumer grabs a 1 to 30% off the wholesale products of the manufacturer and you will earn the most (no need to sell your own goods or hoard goods) 57 mall distribution new retail system platform through * 3 ~ 15 days (now basically 7 days to complete the sale ) You take the profit and get the product (Bull B Clas)

57 mall distribution new retail system case customization

Now the 57 retail mall distribution new retail system will initially create three sections: consignment center, retail center, and comprehensive commodity area. After spending anything at the consignment center, users can get double consumption, which can be used as the consumption quota of the integrated commodity area. The price of the district is only the ex-factory price of the goods, and you can also participate in the panic buying regularly. The panic buying price is only 1-3% off the market price, saving a lot of money when buying authentic products.

57 Mall's new retail distribution system is mainly based on marketing extensions, adding a creative marketing model, designed to help merchants quickly attract traffic, accurately expand customers to lock customers, effectively increase product sales, and help merchants achieve one-stop marketing.

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