Core Tip: The crane is a kind of hoisting machinery, which is a kind of machinery for circulation and intermittent movement. A work cycle includes the picking device lifting the item from the picking point, then moving it horizontally to the designated location to lower the it
[Suzhou Home Network] The customized home industry has experienced more than 10 years of development in the Chinese market, and its market capacity continues to expand. As the industry develops more and more mature, the market competition faced by customized home enterprises h
The decoration and tiling is a project that must be carried out by each owner in the pre-decoration period. However, as most of the owners do not know much about tile knowledge, the masters of the tiled workers are incapable of supervising and irregular operations often occur, causing hidden dange
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<br> <br> current hot smart cameras in the video surveillance market, intelligent product after another, of course, but also a lot of smart cameras, some video analysis algorithms will soon migrate to the network camera, to achieve real-time analysis of the video in the camera and Inspe