Ceramic basins should be installed in the bathroom decoration. Inferior ceramic basins are difficult to clean, and the gloss is not enough, and the environmental performance of the materials is not up to standard. The quality of the basin is very smooth, giving a very translucent feeling. Although
Smart toilet maintenance steps 1. Turn off the power The first step in maintenance is to turn off the power. For the maintenance of electrical appliances, the first thing to think about is to turn off the power. Then carry out the follow-up maintenance and cleaning work to avoid electrical safety a
For newly married couples, setting up a family is full of challenges and beautiful imaginations, but they worry that after a long-term life, the relationship between the couple will fade due to the running-in period. The thoughtful Mrs. Jiang decided to install a romantic two-person bathtub in the
six Six anti-floor drain Not afraid of blocking, really deodorant 6. What is the function of the anti-odor floor drain core?      For floor drain products on the market, there is not only a big price gap, but also a big gap in quality, type, function, etc. The reason why six anti-floor