Dual-phase steel (referred to as DP steel) is a high-performance steel with low yield ratio, high strength, easy molding, and high initial work hardening index, such as martensite and other second-phase particles distributed in the ferrite matrix. Hot-dip galvanizing is a process method in
According to statistics, on the 15th, the domestic market for ammonium sulfate continued to decline, and the transaction was poor. The low-end prices in East China are constantly being refreshed. Prices in Shandong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are at 530-600 yuan/tonne, and transactions are m
Balcony Feng Shui Sanyi: First, the balcony orientation is better toward the east or the south. Relative to the importance of the balcony, the orientation of the balcony cannot be ignored. The reason why some balconies are comfortable and comfortable is precisely because of its good orienta
On July 16, the domestic supply of glyphosate continued to be tight. The market appeared high-end quotations of RMB 39,000-40,000 yuan/ton. The current mainstream prices were concentrated around RMB 37,500-38,500/ton; as of July 15, the commodity index of glyphosate was 168.74, set a new h