As iron ore giants such as BHP Billiton revealed last week that they will slow down the pace of iron ore business expansion, the market is expected to ease the iron ore supply surplus is expected to ease, iron ore prices rebounded 11% last week to $ 57.81 per ton Last Wednesday also hit a
Cotton is the main cash crop in the autumn plains, but we will see cotton that should not be dead leaves in many cotton fields, but die early. This phenomenon is called premature aging. What is the cause of premature aging of cotton? There are three reasons: 1, lack of fertilizer and water is pron
Hotel locks are generally intelligent products, which are more convenient than other traditional home lock products. Do you know the advantages of smart hotel locks? Don't worry, take a look at the following Xiaobian how to explain it for you! The advantages of smart hote
Currently, two different FSSW technologies are reported in published materials. The first method is the friction stir spot welding J invented by Mazda Motor Corporation of Japan in 1993. The basic principle is shown in Figure 1. Introduction With the increasingly severe global resources and enviro
Tapping on stainless steel is much more difficult than tapping on a common steel. It often happens that due to the large torque, the tap is “killed” in the screw hole, the tooth is broken or broken, and the surface of the thread is not light. It is much more difficult to tap on the sta
The paint room is generally used to bake paint. Now, it is customary to call it “The paint room, as its name implies, is to dry the parts after filtering and painting in a room. Now it is also called paint room. The traditional paint is the inside of the room.” Cars, furniture,
Die-casting mold is one of the three major factors of die-casting production. The correct and reasonable mold is the prerequisite for the smooth progress of die-casting production, and plays an important role in ensuring the quality of castings. Die Casting Die casting is a method of casting liqui