Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector Solar Product

  • Model NO.: FPC-32A
  • Application: Water Heater
  • Absorber: 0.4mm / 0.015" Tinox Solar Al
  • Risers: 10 X 0.7mm / 0.39" X 0.03"
  • Rubber Seals: Htv Silicone Rubber
  • Back Sheet: 0.8mm / 0.03" 5052-H16 Al
  • Specification: FPC-A32
  • Type: Pressurized
  • Pipe Material: Copper
  • Header: 19.1 X 1mm / 0.75" X 0.04"
  • Riser Spacing: G3/4" M Thread (Plus Other Options)
  • Collector Body: 6063 Black Anodized Al
  • Trademark: Apricus
  • Origin: China
1. Flat plate solar thermal collector
2. SRCC OG100&Solar Keymark certified
3. High effeciency Tinox energy AL solar absorber

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Product Overview
The Apricus flat plate collector is a quality glazed flat plate solar thermal panel, designed for residential and light commercial projects. The design features high efficiency selective absorber and ultra lightweight insulation foam.
High efficiency Tinox energy AL solar absorber

> Ultra lightweight melamine foam insulation
> High tensile grade 6063-T5 black anodized aluminium collector body
> High transparency solar glass
> Harp style riser arrangement compatible with direct, closed and drain-back systems.
> Suitable for portrait or landscape orientation
Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector Solar Product

Product Specifications
SpecificationsModel: FPA-A
Length: 2440mm / 96"
Width: 1220mm / 48"
Hight: 75mm / 3"
Peak Ourput:1996w
Aperture area: 2.8m2 / 30.14ft2
Gross area: 2.98m2 / 32ft2
Gross dry weight: 46kg / 101.4lbs
Fluid capacity: 1.8L / 0.47 US gallon
Absorber sheet: 0.4mm Aluminium Tinox Energy
Insulation: Melamine Foam
Glass Cover: 3.2mm Hardened Glass

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