How to do the toilet floor drain and anti-taste to identify the source can eliminate odor

The decoration of the bathroom is a part of the entire house that cannot be overlooked. However, this space is very easy to hide and filth. Especially in the part of the floor drain of the toilet, it is easy to de-smell in the summer, once the anti-odor affects not only the mood of the occupants, but also the influence. To people's normal life. Then, how do you do when the toilet floor leaks and tastes ? Here's how to solve it, and quickly learn it.

1, the reasons for the toilet floor drain anti-taste

Reason 1: The bathroom was not equipped with a deodorant floor drain during the renovation.

Reason 2: When the bathroom is not used for a long time, the water in the deodorant drain will slowly evaporate, thus losing the deodorant function.

2, how to do toilet floor leak and taste

a. If the bathroom is not equipped with a deodorant floor drain, then install a deodorant floor drain on it. However, there are two kinds of deodorant floor drains in the market: one is sealed, which relies on the attraction of the magnet to suck the lid to achieve an odor-relieving effect; the other is water-sealing type, and this one has a The water-storing curve can be used to separate the smell of the sewers from the stored water without returning, that is, the sealing effect is quite good.

b. In fact, how to do toilet floor leak and taste? Selecting floor drain is the key. In addition to the above, the floor drain of the bathroom must also be selected as deep as possible because only the floor drain with a water seal height of 5 cm will have a good deodorant effect.

c. However, if it is a long time without the use of sanitary ware that leads to toilet floor drain and odor, it is necessary to clean and maintain the floor drain. In addition to using some special cleaning agents, you can also ask a professional chef to handle it to ensure smooth use in the future. Of course, the use of hot water to clean the floor drain of the toilet must be used frequently in the future to ensure it is clean and unobstructed.

d. Our floor drains need to be pre-buried in cement, so it is not easy to easily replace them. In this proposal, we can choose the full copper floor drain, sealing effect is good and easy to disassemble; or choose stainless steel, but remember to choose the zinc component is more than enough, so that you can avoid the future of rust.

e. If the washing machine is to be planned in the bathroom, then the floor drain proposal for the water is preferably a dedicated washing machine floor drain, with rotation control being the best, since it can be rotated to closure when not in use.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the toilet floor drain why the anti-odor and how to do the toilet floor drain anti-taste introduction, through the understanding of the contents of Xiao Bian finishing, I believe that everyone will be able to easily solve the bathroom floor drain this one. In fact, we must pay attention to the regular cleaning of floor drains in ordinary life. These unnecessary troubles must not occur.

How to do toilet floor leak and taste

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