What are the major issues in bathroom renovation?

Even if the bathroom space is relatively small, we have to do a good wet and dry separation, then what are the small bathroom partition method? We need to pay attention to what the bathroom renovation, the next Xiaobian give you a brief introduction about the small What are the toilet partition methods and the main issues of bathroom renovation?

First, what are the small toilet partition methods?

1, glass partition

Glass partition is a kind of small toilet partition method which is more popular nowadays. At present, there are different types of semi-open glass partitions, frosted glass partitions and curved glass partitions on the market. The glass partition has the advantages of waterproof and mildew proof, and looks simple. Generous, it is easy to clean. The glass partition of the small bathroom looks more spacious, but when we choose the glass partition, the best choice is tempered glass. Its safety factor will be higher.

2. Wall partition

The wall partition is also a kind of partition method that is more common in the bathroom. This partition method lacks flexibility. If the decoration design is good, it seems to be in harmony with the entire space and it is full of features.

3, curtain partition

The curtain partition is a relatively flexible small toilet partitioning method. This partitioning method does not affect the lighting and ventilation of the small bathroom. It also saves time and money, but if the curtains are not properly selected, the entire bathroom will be affected. Beautiful.

Second, the main issues of bathroom decoration

1, In general, the bathroom space is relatively small, and the bathroom has many functions such as washing, bathing, and so on. We can make space planning for the bathroom, and it is best to perform dry and wet separation.

2, the main color of the bathroom can choose bright colors of light colors, this can give us a spacious and bright feeling, the best choice of tile anti-slip waterproof performance is good, the bathroom wall tiles in the paving, it is best to paste to At the top, not only is this waterproof better, but it also looks more beautiful and clean. Because the bathroom is relatively humid, we can install a window in the bathroom, or the exhaust fan will drain away the bathroom's moisture.

3, the bathroom in the decoration when you want to do a waterproof project, to conduct a 24-hour closed water test, installed in the bathroom appliances to do a good leak protection mechanism, you can give the bathroom switch socket plus a waterproof cover. The bathroom can reserve some sockets from the proper position to prevent the socket from being insufficient in the future.

Xiao Bian concludes: What are the major items of toilet partitions and the main issues of bathroom renovation? Xiao Bian has briefly introduced it here. I hope that after reading this article, I will be able to provide you with reference and help in the future when the bathroom is renovated.

Small toilet partition

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