How to make a good furniture dealer?

What is a good dealer? It is a dealer that effectively shows its ability to deal in a crisis market. It is a distributor who actively seeks cooperation with enterprises for innovation and win-win development. It is the dealer who can take the pulse market, constantly reform, and constantly try new models and new developments.

Despite the more drastic changes in the market this year, the competition in the terminal market has become more intense as the industry shifts from high-speed to vulgar shifts. Many people are withdrawing their stores and many are withdrawing. However, in spite of this, there are still outstanding dealers who live very well this year. They actively seek cooperation with companies, achieve win-win development, and effectively demonstrate their ability to respond to market crisis. They constantly train the market and constantly reform and innovate. On a set of high-strength martial arts "Sunflower Collection." Here we take a look at the strategy of the four types of outstanding dealers in the current terminal market, and use examples to show how you can become a good distributor.

The first one: to achieve the ultimate in the local product

This kind of distributor has done a great job. In the local market, a certain category has done its best. For example, in Xianghe, there is a dealer who has done 40,000 square meters, and the annual sales amount is about 200 million. He is the ultimate product of solid wood, and there are twenty or thirty homes in his hands. Factory products.

This kind of distributor has more advantages than other dealers, such as price. He has the market pricing power because he has the most dominant category in this market.

This dealer has one advantage over other distributors. It is because he takes a position. The rent will be much cheaper. It may not be cheaper than half. In this way, his management costs are very low and he has more competitive advantages.

Moreover, to make this category the ultimate, so that other dealers can no longer do this category in this market, the market alone, so that he has the right to negotiate with the factory to get preferential shipping prices.

You know, in an area, any mall has your dealer's shop, so in the end is the factory brand, or your dealer? In China, furniture is no consumer brand, but the dealer's regional brand is not As such, this is a real shop, occupying a real market, and the factory wants to enter this market and compromise.

These dealers are relatively best-lived. They began to change very early and spent several years gradually realizing chain operations, corporate operations, and the highest survival rates in the stores. However, there are not many such dealers, and each city has only three or five of them, which is a relatively small number compared to hundreds of thousands of dealers in the furniture industry.

The second: good at layout, bigger floor effect

Because the current rent is very high, and does not have a good connection with the market, what to do in this situation? How can it not be thrown off?

If you cannot achieve dominance in a market like the first dealer, you must understand layout.

This is just like fighting. Do you want to flank the guard or cover which market? Then where is your main attack point? How do you deal with such a market siege? How can you make the ping effect bigger? The layout, this is the issue of the ping effect.

Dealers must not be too superstitious to make products. It must be a large area to show the taste of this product. Now some dealers often ask, how many categories of your factory, how much area can be placed, he will be tall and complete.

Zeng Dongyang analyzed that this is unreasonable. A similar style of similar products in a store, consumers can buy up to only three beds, two sets of sofas, two tables, a study only, the other is green leaves with red flower. Although, in the store, a certain atmosphere is a must, but do not be too superstitious atmosphere, the key is to make it bigger. If 300 square meters can be put out to buy the product, do not put 400 square meters, after all, this rental cost is great.

If the factory must install 600 square meters, you do not need to install 600 square meters. Can be split, for example, in this store opened 300 square meters, and then go to another store to open a 300 square meters to do the same product, this is the layout, can form an interactive, interactive shopping malls and shopping centers, but also in a region Can gradually form a regional brand.

This may be more valuable to many dealers.

This kind of dealer who is good at layout can also do very well. He can make the ping effect bigger. However, there are two conditions for distributors to be laid out in this way: First, he must have strength: Second, he can do a good job of analyzing data well because the layout needs data support in this respect.

Therefore, the second dealer is rare in every city and should not exceed ten.

The third: good at marketing, cost-effective products

Such dealers will choose cost-effective products, go to the market in a deep level, very diligent, will use a lot of marketing methods, such as cooperation with real estate, call placement, innovative experience and so on.

There are many ways to cooperate with real estate developers:

The first is a cooperation model, dealers put the product into it for free, real estate developers can give a separate marketing rights, dealers will have marketing team to enter, and even product authorization, honorary certificates and other things that can be promoted Can also enter, so you can set up a lot of publicity points;

The second method is paid, but it is recommended that dealers do not make money, use this part as the marketing cost, make this as much as possible, and then exchange some resources, such as first-hand information of the owners. This is for some resource-related dealers, only he can do it.

For dealers without resources, there is another way: that is, through various means, I have obtained the contact information of residential properties and sought to cooperate with them. For example, a dealer compromises a price and sells it to him, and even sends him something to soften. In exchange for a sales cycle of three months, in this way, it is equivalent to setting up an experience center in the community. Because now, for the distributors, the value of this experience is a problem that needs to be solved before all of us...

The third type of dealer shop is not much, but it is very marketing and very diligent in marketing. For most of the factories, more of them are such dealers. Therefore, for such dealers, if the factory can cooperate with him and give certain support, they can also live well, with relatively large number of confused, etc. Dead dealers are much better.

Fourth: Dealers who know "Badger"

This kind of dealer is very clever, that is, when the market has not done this kind of product, he looks for this kind of product to do it. Because there is only a closed factory, there is no down style.

There is a dealer in the market. The previous month's purchase volume was 8,000 to 100,000 yuan. However, in 2014, he used various methods, such as traction products and factory cooperation, to give him a part of a cheap nightstand or product. In the overall match, someone’s product may be connected to a bedside table for a thousand and five thousand, but his products and nightstands are worth only 14,000. There is room for promotion in this product, and the price war will take away a few competitors, and then The distributor has pricing power in this market, the price immediately rises back, and it also sells well. Up to now, the volume has been raised to nearly 300,000 yuan a month.

This kind of tactics, the dealer must first understand that he can hold on, as long as it is good to keep a loss, but it will make competitors uncomfortable. He is like a squid. To mess up this market, the opponent can not let the price down. This is the question of whether the factory or distributor will compromise. This is also a skill in price competition. Like this type can be defined as the remaining is king, do not blindly follow the trend, no era lack of products, what is missing is the concept and persistence. When a well has been dug up to seven feet, it is just a foot away. The water can be dug out. At this time, it will be abandoned. The previous efforts will be abandoned.

However, like this kind of play is certain to have product requirements. If there are seven or eight stores of the same type of product in this market, and there are still many tiger-like rushing in, if it is such a product, then do not use this style of play. Be cautious. This kind of play can only aim at this market is not many people to do this product, followed by few people, and then concentrated firepower to kill the competitors, leaving only their own dominance.

Relatively speaking, there are only a few excellent distributors like the above four types in the industry. Most of them are still dying in confusion. Of course, excellence is not absolute. At the current stage of shifting, many changes are predicted and controlled in the same way. If dealers can't adjust the mentality of coping, keep up with the pace of change, and constantly change and innovate. Once outstanding may become backward, or even thrown away by the market.

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