Are the wallpapers toxic?

Everyone in the wallpaper is familiar with it. We must know that it is also a kind of product with more colors. At the same time, it is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Construction is also relatively simple. Because of so many advantages, it is loved by people. Here's a small series to tell everyone about simple wallpaper and what are the wallpaper material.

Is the simple wallpaper toxic?

1, first of all to know this simple wallpaper it is a certain degree of waterproof, and in the construction in terms of other wallpaper is as convenient, it is also an environmentally friendly and healthy products, is the use of pure paper and non-woven fabrics Such as the processing of materials, decorative effect is also a good one, attached to the wall is also a strong sense of three-dimensional.

2, in fact, for the wallpaper is toxic, this is still derived from the wallpaper itself. For example, like a better pvc wallpaper, it does not harm the human body. To know that some high-quality pvc wallpapers are up to national safety standards, this material will not cause harm to the human body.

3, and a good pvc wallpaper, it is also an odorless, exquisite printing products, so there is no poison wallpaper, this is still depends on the purchase of wallpaper is not a quality product.

What are the materials of wallpaper?

1, paper-based PVC wallpaper

PVC wallpaper is also divided into base paper layer and PVC layer. Generally, the surface of paper base is coated with PVC layer. Together with printing and embossing.

Advantages: This product's pattern is also more abundant, multi-level, clear texture, but also a strong sense of three-dimensional, cleaning is also a convenient product.

2, non-woven paper, cloth wallpaper

This product is made of reinforced wood pulp and then added with various toughness materials. It is processed through some printing or rotary screen processes.

Advantages: It is a good environmental protection, breathability, but also can play a role in moisture, mildew, convenient for the second construction.

3, gold foil wallpaper

This product is a PVC-based layer on the surface of the paper base, composite aluminum foil and gold, and then printed, embossed.

Advantages: It is a product that compares the environmental performance. People also call it a breathable wallpaper, and it also has a flexible texture and a decorative effect of natural materials.

4, flocking wall cloth

This product is printed on the surface of the grass-roots level, so that small pile fibers can be planted on the surface of the paper base, which is a good product with a smooth and strong three-dimensional effect.

Advantages: noble, luxurious, soft, breathable, pay attention to some of the construction.

5, natural material wallpaper

This product is made of natural materials such as grass, wood, rattan, bamboo, leaves, shells, feathers, etc.

Advantages: Gives people a natural and realistic appearance, while the three-dimensional feeling is also stronger.

Summary: What are the materials related to simple wallpaper and wallpaper are introduced to this, in fact, there is no poison wallpaper, this depends on what kind of material you choose wall material, in general, high-quality material is no harm to the human body. I hope this helps everyone.

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