Tatami platform price tatami platform manufacturing method

Tatami is now more popular, its form is just like what we said, the symbol of tatami in Japan, but the production of the tatami floor will be different, so the price will be different. So, what is the price of the tatami platform? What are the production methods of the tatami platform? Let’s introduce it to you by the small series of the decoration home network.


1. Tatami platform

1. For the material of the platform, it is mainly based on wood board and pine finger joint board. The artificial + material is estimated to be at least 500 square meters. If it is to be used as a lifting table, it should be more suitable for storage, drawers, etc. Expensive. The tatami mat is usually two to three hundred square feet. That is to say, if the size of a common bed is so large, it is estimated that the total price needs to be about 3,000-4,000 yuan.

2. In general, materials are more important. The wood they choose directly affects the price of the tatami floor. If the floor is 1.5*1.8m, the price is about 500-1000. Between the yuan.

3. For example, if you make a platform made of solid wood particle board, then its price is about 700 yuan per square meter, and if you use oak board, the price should be 1,200 yuan / square meter. The tatami floor decoration prices are actually not very expensive overall, and they have such good functional effects, so I think it is particularly cost-effective.


Second, the tatami floor production method

1. Made on the tatami floor, the first place is the wooden floor. The platform is a space frame that is elevated and off the ground, usually 15 to 40 cm high. The lower part of the platform below 30 cm is usually not used for storage, and the lower part of the platform of 30 cm or more can be used for storage. The platform below 15 cm is usually made of 3*4 wooden keel as a "well" structure, which is covered with wood board or solid wood board, and tatami is placed on the laying surface.

2. After the structure and material of the platform were confirmed, we began to build the platform. First mark the horizontal line on the wall of the room, and use this horizontal line to ensure that the platform is flat. Then, according to the structure diagram of the platform, some boxes are made. The stability of the platform structure is guaranteed for long-term use. The vertical plate in the box is the key to bearing, so the vertical plate can be the whole piece. If the board is not long enough, it needs Stitching, splicing should be strengthened. In short, the vertical plate of the box must be stable and strong. A box body between the base plate and the upright plate 2 * 3 wood self-tapping screws and is connected to the bottom plate is reinforced in order to better housing.

3. The floor cover is on the top of the box. It is the load-bearing layer of tatami. Generally, the 18-thick solid wood finger joint plate is used to form a strip of 10 cm wide, which is arranged as a space. The advantage of the row of skeletons is that the objects in the box can be seen by turning over the tatami in use, and the row of skeletons facilitates tatami breathing and moisture removal. The size of the tatami cover corresponds to the size of the tatami.

There are a lot of people who like tatami, but the price of tatami is different from that of production. So what are the prices and production methods of tatami platform? I want to see the introduction of the above series. Everyone knows about these. Well, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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