Super-alert flood in Hanjiang, Shaanxi Province, started the second-level flood control emergency response

The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources on the 1st that the heavy rainfall process in the Hanjiang River Basin since August 31 caused the Hanjiang Hanzhong Station to have a super-alert flood of 5130 cubic meters per second at 14:00 on September 1, and the Yangxian Station appeared at 22:00 on the 1st. The ultra-guaranteed peak flow rate is 8650 cubic meters per second (guaranteed flow rate is 8000 cubic meters per second), and the province's defense prevention starts the Hanjiang Hanzhong section II flood control emergency response action at 16:00 on the 1st.

It is understood that from 8:00 to 20:00 on September 1, there are 71 counties and districts in Shaanxi Province that have experienced heavy rains, and the towns of Ba, Xixiang, Nanzheng, Yangxian and Guanzhong in the central and southern Hanzhong have Taibai, Huxian and Zhouzhijiang. Heavy rain, the largest Zhenba County 77 mm.

The rainfall caused floods in the Han River and the Weihe River and its tributaries. There were a total of 38 rivers in the province with 38 flood peaks, including 10 rivers, 11 stations with over-alert flood peaks 16 times, and 3 rivers with 3 stations with super-guarantee flood peaks 5 times. Among them, the Hanzhong Station of Hanjiang River has a super-alarm flood peak flow of 5320 cubic meters per second (warning flow of 5000 cubic meters per second); the flood peak of Lishui River Shengxiancun Station is 2,900 cubic meters per second (guaranteed flow of 1,500 cubic meters per second), 1981 The largest flood since the flood, the largest flood of the Manwan River in the Tanggu River, the tributary of the Weihe River, has a history of 305 cubic meters per second (alarm flow 100 cubic meters per second).

At 16:00 on September 1, the provincial defense started the Class II flood control emergency response operation in the Hanzhong Hanzhong section and sent a working group to the scene.

It is reported that Ankang City has transferred 4,213 households and 13,831 people to the safe areas in the densely populated households with heavy rainfall covering the county, the threat of landslide geological disasters, and the old, weak and sick. In view of the heavy rainfall, Xi'an City has caused the collapse of 3 households and 8 houses in the township of Chang'an District, and 66 households with 198 dangerous houses. The threatened mass transfer was organized in time, and special personnel were closely monitored.

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