The actress's nose has collapsed! Inventory those decorated "embroidered pillows"

Recently, the netizen exposed the video of the Korean actress Ren Naying's nose falling out of his way when she debuted. This video was a moment when Ren Naying participated in the variety show “Produce101” and she shed tears with excitement. Unexpectedly, the original strong upturned nose suddenly collapsed. Going in, the noses on both sides are collapsed and not seen. It will take a while to recover. This is really embarrassing! Everyone has toss about the quality of the face! In fact, decoration is not it? Take a look at the "embroidered pillows" of those homeowners who can't stand the test of time!

Uncertainly chose the open kitchen

When designing, the open kitchen looked good. My family made a small bar table. It seemed to be too high and forged. As a result, for two years now, let alone the kitchen. Even the kitchen furniture was stained with oil and dust. It's too late to cry. If you don’t eat Western food all year round, don’t overestimate your own self-control. Like me, cover your ears with stealing bells and repent!

The whole board has fallen when pulling the drawer

When I pulled the cabinet drawer yesterday, the piece of wood attached to the handle on the drawer fell down. I was depressed. Did the cabinet take a few days? Calling the merchants today, who knows the boss shamelessly on the phone, said: "I don't care about this matter, how do you like it!" Then hang up the phone! Really a "dead pig is not afraid of hot water" look! Buy a cupboard and open your eyes!

White tiles look good

The tiles in the bathroom were selected white for clean and bright, and the result was found to be extremely impervious to dirt. Moreover, the sealant was cheap at the time of purchase and it became black for a long time. Now the whole bathroom looks dirty and too dirty.

It looks like the gap between the floor drain can be great

Do not look at the floor drains are all the same, I was confused for a moment to buy a common floor drain now regret it! When buying a floor drain, people recommend it to me for deodorant drains. I thought it was a flicker that I bought expensively. As a result, I found that the “taste” of the bathroom is too heavy! I really regret that I didn't buy an anti-stick floor drain!

Nobody touches a tile and it splits.

My house was renovated last year. It was found this year that all the floor tiles that were cut around the corner were cracked and getting bigger and bigger. I don't know why the tiles were not loose, they were not arched, they were cracked. . Consultation turned out to be a change in the overall strength and anchorage caused by tile cutting, so it gradually cracked later. It was too late to show up just after it was installed, and it gradually appeared after the pavement.

You haven't installed a non-return valve

Don't think that it is all right to install a flue. The hood must be fitted with a "check valve", otherwise you can smell what you can do downstairs!

The floor is very well finished and there are stitches now

My house was renovated for only two years. The solid wood floors on the ground all showed a wide gap, and they were loose, ugly and inconvenient, and the edge of the tilted walk would be kicked. And the inside of the gap is dirty, a lot of dust accumulates inside, and sometimes obsessive-compulsive disorder really wants to come out one by one!

Decoration regret

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