What are the precautions for debugging the monitor?

[ Pacific Security Network News ] In order to adjust the color, we must first input the color bar signal. In the standard 75% color bar, the corresponding blue signal is exactly the same in these bars. We only need to adjust the chromaticity so that the corresponding brightness areas are consistent. Pay special attention to fine-tuning, don't make too much adjustment. In this way, the monitor can be played back more accurately than the original color.
Regarding the adjustment of brightness and contrast, the brightness adjustment is for us to make black level adjustment, and the contrast adjustment will let us pull the brightness level apart. When we adjust the brightness level, the signal moves in the vertical direction as a whole. If we do not adjust the brightness correctly, there may be aliasing in the bright or darker areas, and the details will not be separated. Conversely, if we enlarge or reduce the contrast, the base point of the dark part is not moving.
In order to adjust the brightness signal, it is necessary to input a three-level brightness signal (PLUGE), and the three-level brightness signal includes -3% black, 0% black, and +3% gray. If we can see a -3% black level bar, it turns out that the black level is a bit high. In fact, we make the -3% black and 0% black bars relatively the same, but the +3% gray bar must be seen, this is the correct brightness signal. For contrast, there is actually no corresponding strict standard, we can adjust to a suitable level according to the environment and feeling. However, high brightness may cause the corresponding sharpness to drop. Each manufacturer has a corresponding preset contrast value.
The adjustment for white balance is used to adjust the monitor color temperature.
The offset adjustment is mainly to adjust the black balance for the dark area, and the gain adjustment is mainly for the white balance of the bright part. In the process of this adjustment, we first need to adjust the black part, adjust the offset value to the corresponding coordinate axis value, and then adjust the part, the white part should be adjusted to the corresponding XY value, and repeatedly adjusted to finally reach A completely coincident standard. We need to adjust the color temperature white balance correctly. In fact, we need a color analyzer to do it. If you use a color analyzer, you can see the corresponding XY value and brightness value.

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