China has developed alumina production technology

[] China National University of Geosciences (Beijing) National Expert Laboratory of Mineral Materials Professor Ma Hongwen's team has developed a new production process system for the production of potassium carbonate from ore. Experts said that the results of the study will help change China's potash fertilizer market highly dependent on foreign imports.

Today, the subproject of the National Science and Technology Support Program “New High-Efficiency Fertilizer Creation” hosted by Prof. Ma Hongwen, “Xiaishang Sangong's Clean Production Technology of Potassium Carbonate and Alumina,” passed the expert appraisal organized by the Ministry of Education.

According to reports, the study was based on Zijin syenite from Zijin Mountain in Linxian County, Shanxi Province. The ore contained high levels of potassium oxide, aluminum oxide and silicon oxide. The core technology of this research is Ma Hongwen's related invention patents. The use of nepheline syenite to produce white carbon black, potassium carbonate and alumina technology and the use of surplus siliceous waste residue to produce new lightweight wall material technology are skillfully integrated into An optimized system achieves the goal of complete resource utilization of nepheline syenite, and the production process is energy-efficient and fully meets the requirements of cleaner production.

An appraisal committee composed of Academician Ye Dainian and other members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences believes that the study is aimed at the urgent need for the study of major national demand for sustainable development of the national economy and related scientific issues. With nepheline syenite as raw material, the study uses soda sinter Method for preparing electronic grade potassium carbonate and metallurgical grade alumina, and by-product rubber reinforcing agent such as white carbon black and a new type of lightweight wall material, etc. This process technology system is complete and innovative, and is a potash salt for China. Industry has provided new technical routes and methods. It has reached the international advanced level in solving related key technical principles and its technical achievements have independent intellectual property rights.