Four strokes identify fake pesticides

1. Watching the packaging label and contents, the inferior pesticides are generally reflected in: (1) outer packaging: poor printing quality or poor paste, serious stains on the packaging; (2) contents: emulsifiable concentrate, ultra low emulsifiable concentrate and water Agents, water-soluble agents, microemulsions, etc. are turbid, stratified and precipitated impurities; water emulsions, suspensions and other serious stratification, inverted after light shaking, there is still a large amount of sediment or agglomeration at the bottom; powder and can The wet powder is agglomerated severely, and the hand touches a hard block; the flake fumigant is powdered, and the smoke agent is heavily wetted.

2. Read the label carefully, check the 11 basic content requirements of the label, check whether the contents are comprehensive; consult the “Pesticide Registration Announcement” to see if the registration number on the label is the same as the announcement, and whether the manufacturer is the same manufacturer. The registered use crops and dosages are the same as those indicated on the label; carefully observe the manufacturer and address of the pesticide, check the telephone area code, confirm that the area code of the contact telephone number is the area code of the manufacturer's area, and call according to the telephone number marked on the label. .

3. Test A small amount of pesticide is taken out, and a glassware such as a measuring cylinder is subjected to a dilution test to observe the result of the test. If the emulsifiable oil appears to be oily, stratified, etc., the emulsification result is considered to be poor; if the water agent, water-soluble liquid agent, microemulsion, etc. are not completely soluble in water in a short time, the dosage form is unqualified; if the wettable powder and water are dispersed Granules, dry suspensions, suspensions, etc. appear too fast precipitation, it proves that the suspension rate of the suspension is too low, the product is unqualified; the spray force is small when the aerosol cans under the arm, which proves that the air pressure is insufficient; the smoke agent is quickly ignited Extinguished, proving that the smoking effect is poor.

4. Testing According to the relevant requirements of pesticide testing, the active ingredients of pesticides are tested.
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