How to repair the impact crusher

Impact sand making machine can be widely used in gravel shaping and gravel processing in highways, railways, hydropower stations, bridges, tunnels, concrete mixing plants, construction and other industries. Impact sand making machines can be widely used in highways and railways. , in the fields of hydropower stations, bridges, tunnels, concrete mixing plants, construction and other industries in the field of gravel shaping and gravel processing. In particular, it is used for the shaping of concrete in concrete aggregates with strength grades greater than C60 and for anti-freezing, impermeability or other requirements, as well as the shaping of continuous-grained gravel for highway pavement.
The impact type sand making machine should pay attention to the fact that the knives must not be stacked, and the use of the knives as a hammering tool is not allowed. When cutting a workpiece, you cannot face it. Near the end, the hammering force should be slightly lighter to prevent the chips from flying out and hurting people. The tails of the scorpions, punches, etc. are not allowed to be quenched or cracked, curled, burred, etc. When cutting the workpiece by hand, the force should be uniform, not heavy or strong, and the force should be small and slow when the workpiece is broken. When using grinder and drilling equipment, intern students should be guided by the master and follow their rules of use. The instructor must be informed when entering the grinding wheel. Use even force when tapping and reaming to avoid damage to the tap and reamer. When assembling the cleaning parts, be careful not to pick up the fire. When using oil to heat the bearings, the temperature should not exceed 200 °C to prevent fire.
In daily work, one of the first things to note when using an impact crusher is that the impact crusher allows the material to contain a certain amount of water, but the water content should be controlled below 8%. If the water content is too large, the material will bond and adhere to the broken wall, which will affect the crushing efficiency. If there is more adhesion, it will increase the load on the machine. In severe cases, the card machine or motor may be burnt.
Check the motor belt, the current jog motor, the direction of rotation should be consistent with the direction of the sand machine sign, if the direction of the sign is opposite, the motor wiring should be adjusted so that the direction of rotation is consistent with the sign, and the direction rotation is prohibited. The two-motor drive, the spindle assembly and the motors on both sides, the same number of V-belts are connected to the spindle assembly, and should be adjusted straight. After the inspection, the production will be resumed. Before the production, the empty load test machine will be carried out first. After the test machine confirms that there is no problem, it can be officially produced.
The running time of the machine rotating empty load is preferably about 4 hours. The load test run grain size is strictly according to the requirements of various machine specifications. The impact crusher is strictly prohibited to enter than the specified material; the feed material is uniform and continuous, and the water content cannot be lower than 10 -15% (depending on the material), the feedstock reaches the full load of the PCL straight through impact sander; the load test run time is 8-24 hours.
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Office Partition Aluminium Profile

The Aluminum Office Partition has the characteristics of lighting, soundproofing, fireproofing, environmental protection, convenient installation, reusable and mass production. The aluminium office partition is fashionable, elegant and generous. It is a partition that can divide the space and is superior to the traditional partition wall. The aluminum alloy partition is divided into two kinds of glass high compartments and single glass high compartments. The combination of a variety of glass and aluminum alloy is more elegant and beautiful.

Material Grade: Aluminum Alloy 6000 series:6063,6061,6060,6005
Temper: T3-T8
Finish: Anodised, powder coated, sandblasting, electrophoresis ,Powder coating, Polish, Brushed, PVDF coating, wood-grained etc.
Color: Silvery white, black, golden, champagne, dark bronze or according to your requirement
Shape: Square, Round, Flat, according to  customers' drawings
Thickness: Above 0.7mm,the thicker the better

A.    Length: ≤6.5m
B.  Normal Wall thickness: ≥1.0mm
C.  Normal Anodizing thickness: ≥8µm
D.   Normal powder coating thickness: 60-120µm
E.  Tensile strength: ≥160mpa
F.  Yield strength: ≥110mpa
G.    Extensibility: ≥8%
H.    Hardness(HW): 8-15

Packing details: Kraft paper, EPE Fram, Shrink film, Composite paper or as your need
MOQ: 500kg
Delivery time: Normally20-25days for a 40ft container after we confirm your deposit.

Normal order sequence:
1. Confirm the drawings, colors and price
2. Pay the mould fee and we start to make moulds
3. We send samples to you for your confirmation
4. Make the payment of 30% deposit, start production
5. Delivery  

aluminium profile office partition

Office Partition Aluminum Profile

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