Introduction to the seven advantages of solid wood flooring

The seven advantages of solid wood flooring are introduced :

The ancient Romans used stone to show the grandeur of the amphitheater, while the ancestors used wood to express the exquisiteness of the Forbidden City. Chinese people have the preference to use wood. Many ancient buildings have experienced wind and rain, but they have been new and new. With the increase of imported wood and the improvement of people's living standards, solid wood flooring has gradually become a fashion fashion.

Its advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Durability: The solid wood floor is made of whole piece of wood, and its thickness of 18mm ensures its wear resistance.

2, environmental protection: because it is taken from natural wood, no radioactivity, no formaldehyde, so there is no harm to the human body, such as "natural" solid wood flooring has obtained the national green environmental protection product certification.

3, warm in winter and cool in summer: Because the thermal conductivity of wood is small, it has a good temperature regulation function as a ground material, especially in the cold winter, people who live in the house will not feel stiff.

4. Moderate impact and moderate roughness: The dynamic friction coefficient of wood is medium or above, it is not easy to slip when walking, and the wood itself is soft, especially suitable for families with old people and children.

5, beautiful and natural: wood is natural, and its annual ring texture often gives people a return to nature, returning to the basics, no matter the texture and beauty are unique.

6, good touch: the laid solid wood floor has a very good elasticity, people walking on it, whether it is temperature, touch, rough and very soft and comfortable.

7. Some precious woods exude natural fragrance, as if returning to nature, making you feel relaxed after work.

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