6 keywords that you can't help before choosing the floor heating

The floor heating is very comfortable, but before choosing the floor heating, we are always troubled by the various terms of the sales staff. In this issue, Mr. Owen Top will give you a detailed explanation of the six key words you can't help before choosing the floor heating – the main components of the ground radiant heating system: heat source, temperature control center, sub-catchment, Floor heating, water control and temperature control.

Heat source

The heat source in the southern ground radiant heating system is mainly based on gas-fired boilers, and some floor-standing boilers are also used in a small number of large-sized or low-density residential projects. Gas fireplaces are divided into ordinary furnaces and condensing furnaces. For the sake of price, the current mainstream is still ordinary gas boilers.

Temperature control center

When using ordinary furnace as independent heat source for heating, in order to ensure higher combustion efficiency of boiler, reduce heating cost, minimum temperature requirement of smoke and anti-condensation, boiler effluent needs to maintain high temperature (70 °C ~ 80 °C) . However, in order to maintain the service life of the floor heating pipe and meet the actual needs of the ground low temperature heating, the water supply temperature of the floor heating is generally controlled between 40 ° C and 50 ° C. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the high temperature water of the boiler, usually using a mixed water temperature control center device. .

Dividing water collector

The water separator is an important part of the integrated water distribution, flow balance, temperature control, exhaust, and drainage during maintenance. The water separator is responsible for evenly distributing the high-temperature water supply from the heat source to each floor heating branch. The water collector is responsible for collecting the water of each branch and transferring it to the heat source for reheating. The manifold accumulates the balance of circulating hot water and the even distribution of heat in the floor heating system, and also has the functions of terminal execution of the temperature control system.

Floor heating pipe

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