88 monitoring centers in Jilin realize platform networking

88 monitoring centers in Jilin realize platform networking According to reports, the Jilin Provincial Government has included video surveillance system construction in the provincial government's "livelihood and practicality," and issued special documents to set up a video surveillance system construction leading group in the province, and signed letters of responsibility with the municipal (state) governments to implement the responsibilities of governments at all levels. The construction of the video surveillance system in the province and the deployment of the on-site conference will be promoted, and a supervision group will be set up to carry out special inspections, and supervision and supervision will be issued and implemented.

At present, the province's public security organs have a strong momentum in the construction of video surveillance systems. A total of 88 public security monitoring centers above the county level have been built, and the provincial, city, and county level three-tier platforms have been networked. The province has built 287,000 video surveillance probes, and the completion rate of video surveillance capture systems for 385 provincial highway highways has reached 91.5%, achieving effective coverage of key areas and important sites.



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