70 square meters of interior decoration how much money before the decoration did not have a budget list how can

In general, a 70-square-meter house is a two-bedroom, one-bedroom unit, and a family of three is enough to live. Of course, everyone is more concerned about the decoration costs. Take 70 square meters of interior decoration for example! So, what is the cost of 70 square meters of interior decoration? Many people cannot give an accurate number. Because decoration prices are affected by many aspects, such as: programs, forms, methods, grades and so on. The current renovation costs fluctuate so much. Before the renovation, there is no budget for how to do it. It may be difficult to overspend the decoration. Don't worry, here's my question about how much money the 70-square-meter interior decoration needs.

70 square meters of interior decoration how much money

First, the wall surface

1 Primary treatment: 3-5 yuan/m2 or so, such as a good wall base, this part of the money can be saved. In the quotation, it is usually marked as: Wall leveling repair, calculated by the actual amount of occurrence, the specific price is invisible.

2 painting: 21-30 yuan / m2 or so, including: wall and seams posted anti-crack bandage; wall leveling; sandpaper local rest and then polished; roller coating primer again, topcoat twice, without special grass-roots level deal with.

Second, the ground

1 leveling: 20-25 yuan / m2, the use of diamond cards or Lafarge 32.5 # cement and sand, the thickness is less than 20mm, each exceeds 1cm, plus 5 yuan / square meter.

2Floor: Reinforced composite wood floor is about 79 yuan/m2, and loss is 8%-10%.

3 floor tiles: 80-90/m2 (excluding brand), including baseboard, 800*800 Seiko tiles, reported loss of 3% - 8%.

Third, kitchen and toilet

1 floor tiles: with the ground floor tiles.

2 cupboards: 700-900 yuan / linear meter, it should be noted that: it is recommended to buy more than 700 yuan, the quality of less than 700 problems.

3 Sanitary Ware: It is recommended to buy Volkswagen brand, a set (including toilet, wash basin, faucet, bath kit, mirror, paper box, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba) 4000-5000 or so, the price of quality Protection.

4 ceiling: 50-60 yuan / m2 or so.

5 Waterproof: 15-20 yuan / m2, mainly kitchen and toilet.

Fourth, doors and windows

1 suite door: Composite solid wood 900-950 yuan / sets, including: door locks, door suction, hinge.

2 bathroom door: more water for the bathroom, mainly waterproof, it is recommended to use micro-molecular structure, 800-900 yuan / sets, including accessories.

Five, lamps

Ordinary about 3,000 yuan, small and medium-sized companies do not charge installation fees, because the cost of electricity in the transformation.

Sixth, hydropower reform

1 Waterway: 40-55 yuan/m or so, 4 points PPR pipe 45 yuan / m, 4 points PPR dark 55 yuan / m, to straight, after installation, need to do closed water test, change the water 80 yuan / m, change the water meter 150/.

2 circuits: 28-38 yuan / m or so, strong electricity with 2.5-4 square international plastic copper three-color wire, insulated threaded pipe, weak copper cable practical eight-core cable, between the point and the terminal can not have a street, to straight, line Color separation.

Seventh, other

1 Rubbish removal and transportation: 200-210 yuan, clean up to the designated garbage dump (Sinotrans 300 yuan, another calculation), can not be stacked outside the door.

2 Cleaning fee: 200 yuan.

3Management fee: 1200 yuan, detail management in the decoration contract.

To sum up: simply installed only 5-6 million, plus about 100,000 furniture appliances to get. If the decoration focuses on the environmental protection of design and materials, the decoration price will be higher. Of course, decoration can not be entirely for the purpose of saving money, so the effect of this decoration is not so good.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is the 70 square meters of interior decoration how much money before the decoration, how can the relevant knowledge of how the budget list can be introduced, hoping to help meet the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to us Website, follow-up will show more exciting Oh!

70 square meters of interior decoration

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