100 square meters of house decoration how much money which style is suitable for 100 square meters of the house

The 100-flat house is one of the best-selling rooms in the property market. It generally has three bedrooms that can satisfy the needs of several generations at the same time. Renovation is a must-have program before check-in. How much is a 100-square-meter house to decorate ? Next, Xiao Bian brought us some relevant information about how much money the 100-square-meter house would cost . I hope that I can help everyone.

One, 100 square meters of house decoration how much money

In order to better understand the expenses, many people will make a budget before starting work. The decoration of each household is different, and the corresponding decoration costs are also different. If you request a formal decoration company to decorate, 100 square meters of the house, the contractor package material simple decoration to 50,000-60,000 yuan, simple installation including design, water and electricity gas pipeline transformation, wall scraping putty, tiling, kitchen and toilet installation, Installation of lighting fixtures, cabinets, doors, etc. However, the material does not include tiles, toilets, sanitary ware, lamps, control panels, doors, and cabinets. The simple-finished house also requires the owners to personally take care of the placement of some furniture and cannot immediately enter.

Second, 100 square meters of house decoration how much money

If you have more deposits and better economic conditions, you may also consider decorating better. 100-odd house medium decoration, about 100,000 or so, in terms of materials, kitchen and sanitary ware, etc. all-inclusive, do not require owners to run their own building materials, sofas and beds and other large furniture decoration company will help you put Going in, you just need to check in with your luggage.

Third, 100 square meters of house decoration how much money

If you feel that the medium decoration is not enough grade, then you can also consider high-end decoration, and the corresponding cost will be higher. If a 100-flat house is upscale, it will probably need about 150,000. Although the high-end renovation costs are high, but it is the most worry-free way of decoration, after the renovation to ensure its effect comparable to the hotel, but also in the decoration style can have more choices.

Fourth, which style is suitable for 100 square meters of the house

Before everyone starts work, the most important thing is to choose the style. What are the decorative styles for a 100-flat house? The most popular decoration styles in home improvement are modern minimalist style, European classical style, Japanese and Korean style, pastoral style, American style, new Chinese style, Mediterranean style, Southeast Asian style, and mix and match style.

The above is about 100 square meters of the house decoration how much money and what style is suitable for 100 square meters of house-related sharing, for everyone to be a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will provide more exciting content for everyone.

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