IKEA decoration company okay decoration company service process introduction

With the continuous development of economy, people have begun to change into new houses constantly. It is their own quality of life. After purchasing a new house, they need to be renovated. The choice of decorating the company has also become a big problem. Then IKEA decoration How is the company? What is the service flow of the decoration company? The following article will introduce it to you.

How is IKEA decoration company

IKEA started as an international home furnishing brand and has always been committed to providing consumers with a wide range of furniture in a variety of styles and appearances. The decoration of IKEA is also the same. It allows consumers to feel the warmth of family and enjoy a better life. Can buy a practical home, you can also feel that IKEA decoration style, IKEA decoration company okay? Its service attitude is very good, whether it is decoration or home reputation are very good.

Decoration company service flow introduction

1, home improvement consulting and project cost estimates

The designer answers all the questions that the owner cares about for the user, and provides model meals and other relevant materials. The design and implementation provide the owner with a preliminary project cost budget according to the owner's needs.

2, on-site measurement

If the owner chooses to trust this decoration company, then the designer will conduct on-site measurement of your house to understand the specific conditions of your house, and the time of measurement needs to be agreed with the designer.

3, preliminary program

In the 3-5 days after the survey, the designer made a plane design map, and based on the measurement data and the owner's requirements, make a project budget, and contact the owner to specifically check the time of the plan.

4, determine the design plan and project budget

If the owner is satisfied with the design plan and project budget, then the designer needs to make the construction drawings according to the corresponding plan and make the final project budget price.

5, sign the contract

The owner will sign a contract with the design company based on your confirmed design drawings and project budget, and set a good construction date. The owner will need to pay according to the payment model on the contract.

6, send a single

The decoration company needs to inform the construction personnel in advance to inform them that preparations are ready.

7, on-site composite delivery

One day before the start of construction, it is necessary to collaborate with the designers, quality inspections, construction managers, and technical team leaders on the spot to provide on-site technical disclosure.

8, materials approach

The customer and quality inspection performed on-site acceptance of the construction materials, and signed after confirmation.

9, the mid-term acceptance and payment

In the middle stage of construction, it is necessary to check the concealed works and each individual project. After the acceptance is completed, the customer must pay the interim payment for the contract and the amount of the project change.

10、Completion acceptance

After the completion of the project, the customer shall carry out the acceptance inspection. After passing the inspection, it shall sign the acceptance checklist, pay the final payment, and sign the follow-up warranty service sheet.

The article concludes: The above is about IKEA decoration company okay and decoration company service flow related presentations, hoping to be able to provide a number of people in the decoration time to provide some help, let us understand the decoration company's various processes, help us choose whether the decoration company is standardized standard.

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