Casting a different smart lock technology, Soxton strictly adheres to the door of quality

The sky of science is vast and vast, and in the era of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation", the star of innovation will be even more embarrassing, and the development of the smart lock industry can be seen. Since the intelligent “black technology” has achieved the high energy transformation of locks, many companies have started to build their cars behind closed doors, and they are known as “independent products”. In fact, most of them are monotonous and have no innovation. Therefore, these “independent products” are easy to be With the development of the industry was eliminated. Although the competition in the smart fingerprint lock market has been fierce, the technology that keeps pace with the times is an absolutely effective development tool, and enterprises with this core competitiveness are more than capable.


In this regard, the smart lock industry's technical paranoid professional Soxton said that it is not difficult to do smart locks, but it is not easy to do smart locks. Enterprises not only need certain scientific and technological strength, but also learn to "self-elimination" and continuous innovation. . Previously, when opening a mold to a customer who needed an intelligent fingerprint lock for the electric slide, Soxton eliminated the completed smart lock mold and directly disposed of it, only because the sliding joint of the mold has not yet reached the precise 3-wire standard.

All along, Soxton electric slide smart fingerprint locks are all in line with German craftsmanship, hand-integrated electric slide cover seamlessly connected to 3 wires, 1 second start with multiple anti-pinch protection and slide motor protection The function, that is, if the slider encounters two obstacles during operation, the slider motor will stop working.


In addition, Soxton smart lock also uses Swedish FPCR fingerprint scanner, this speed recognition technology, permanent reset stress bearing handle, high torque capacity double, read control motor split design to ensure door safety, which is higher in the industry Standards have been used by more than 150 international banks worldwide. The lock core part uses Super B-class German lock cylinder, a variety of heterosexual anti-dial marbles, blade structure design, safe and secure. The handle bearing and the spring are innovatively designed according to the mechanical principle, effectively preventing the handle from loosening and sagging, and prolonging the service life. Lithium battery lasting power supply, low voltage protection, energy saving is more safe and durable, and the circuit and mechanical module also set the fault self-detection function to make the fingerprint lock smarter.


At present, Southston has focused on the high-end smart lock field and has won high recognition from the industry. Whether it is the design of excellence or the continuous innovation of intrinsic technology, it has won widespread praise from consumers. Soxton believes that the internal protection of the smart lock and the external quality complement each other, and every detail is made to ensure the high quality of the product. This “self-elimination” of paranoia in technology is more like a set of business philosophy full of wisdom, trying to stay ahead of the problem forever, leaving no way for itself, and not giving competitors a chance.

It is not difficult to see that Soeston, backed by a strong R&D design team, has entered a rapid development track and become a technical dark horse in the smart lock industry in 2017. At the same time, it will also be integrated into the Internet of Things with a higher level. And the smart home market wave.

Editor in charge: Zhao Hongli

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