The update is just as smart locks are available at the time.

To this day, there may still be many people who confuse Internet smart locks (hereinafter referred to as "smart locks") with electronic locks. It's no wonder that users who install electronic locks on their own are not mainstream, and ordinary consumers are even more familiar with smart locks.

Instead of understanding smart locks as upgrades to locks, it is better to understand them as part of smart hardware or as part of smart homes. If we think that "Internet" is an indispensable element of smart home, then smart lock is actually a hardware pioneer that realizes large-scale networking earlier and manages through the "cloud" earlier. Compared with other hardware that is often sung by consumers as a "smart home", the smart locks that have been put into commercial use in recent years can be considered "smart".

At that time, I felt that the air conditioner was too expensive, so I was reluctant to buy it and I would use an electric fan. After a few years, I couldn’t help myself, but I bought it. At this time, I found that the air conditioner was not so expensive. The comfort was so powerful that the electric fan really couldn’t be compared. It’s not worth it to let yourself be so hot for so many years.

At that time, when the smartphone came out, it felt much more expensive than the function machine, so it was reluctant to buy it. Later, the function machine in the hand was not killed by the smart phone, so no one can stop it in the face of the trend. Now, smart locks have appeared, and many people still think that smart locks are too expensive, there is no need to buy them, and they don't want to buy them. They will still use mechanical locks seven or eight years ago. However, what we remind you is that you have to wait for many years to endure the various troubles caused by the silver key for many years. Therefore, you have to accept the smart lock sooner or later, don’t you believe it? Let us wait and see.

How big is the difference between using and not using a smart lock?

First of all, from the moment you go out, with a smart lock, close the door and lift the handle, of course, there is also automatic locking, close the door and walk directly. The person still using the mechanical lock, closed the door, but also took out a large number of keys, and then found the corresponding key, and finally, insert the key to unlock the door. After a busy day, when you return home, the person using the smart lock only needs to enter the fingerprint, and then press the handle to enter the house (automatic, just enter the fingerprint to open the door); and the person using the mechanical lock, to the door I still have to look around for the keys. If the big bags come back, it is even more troublesome to find the keys.

A family is inevitably old and small, but they are the most vulnerable people. With the smart lock, the finger, mobile phone, password, etc. are the keys, don't worry about the loss of the key, unless you lose yourself. Therefore, if you don't want to worry about the key again, then you can lose the key, eliminate the key, and replace it with a smart lock that can be easily opened with your fingerprint, mobile phone and password.

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Lithium boron alloy is a kind of composite material composed of Li7B6 matrix phase with porous structure and Li toughness filling phase, with a density of 0.88±0.04g/cm3. It has a silver-white metal appearance and is extremely unstable. It is easy to deteriorate when exposed to air and react violently when exposed to water. Compared with the lithium silicon alloy which is widely used in thermal battery at present, the lithium boron alloy as the anode material of thermal battery has better performances in the highest voltage and discharging time.

Lithium-boron Alloy

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