The basic process of hydropower reform six steps to understand hydropower reform

The renovation of new houses is a very important step in the renovation of hydropower . I believe many people don’t understand the hydropower reforms. This knowledge still needs to be understood, and it’s not going to make sense in the renovation. What we have to say with everyone today is the introduction of the basic process of hydropower reform. Let 's take a look at the basic process of hydropower reform . It will be useful in the renovation.

The basic process of hydropower reform

The first step: According to the design of the house and the specific needs of customers, the design of hydropower is required. Attention: The owner, the designer, the master of the water, the floor heating master, and the central air-conditioning installation master are required to go to the site. In general, all lines and tubes must be horizontal and vertical. After the photos are archived, it is easy to find the specific position and orientation of each line and each tube to facilitate future maintenance and installation. Follow-up If there is a problem, do not re-enter it.

The second step: The workers are grooving the walls or the ground. In the process of grooving, it is not allowed to see that the wall is grooved more than 30cm horizontally, because the horizontal slotting will destroy the bearing weight of the entire building, which will reduce the seismic resistance and the wall The surface is easy to crack. If it is a heat-insulating wall, opening a long transverse trough may cause the insulation on the upper part of the trough to fall off as a whole. Wall slotting should generally be vertical vertical slotting.

The third step is to bury the pipeline (including the wiring and connecting the pipeline) and the cassette. When the circuit is constructed, the pipeline is installed first, and then the conductor is used. This avoids the phenomenon that the wire cannot be twitched in the future. Pipes cannot be hosed to prevent dead ends. At the same time, the circuit joints should not be exposed on the outside and should be installed in the line box. No joints are allowed between the junction boxes.

The fourth step is to test the circuit and carry out pressure test on the waterway. After passing the acceptance inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to the preservation of the circuit construction drawings. The drawings must be consistent with the actual situation. At the same time, the wire specification and the positions of the switches and sockets must be marked on the drawings. Drawings are the reference for future maintenance and many owners will ignore this. It is advisable to take photographs of various parts of the water and electricity after the completion of construction with a camera.

Step 5: Smooth the trunking with cement sand

Step 6: After the wall or wallpaper is finished, install the circuit panel.

The above is the introduction of the basic flow of hydropower reform for everyone. After reading the above introduction, we must have some understanding of the hydropower reform . We understand that the hydropower reform looks simple, but it is a technical activity, and any one of them is Can not be underestimated, or it is buried a regular trouble. Want to understand more detailed introduction, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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