New zero-pollution paint passes expert appraisal

New zero-pollution paint passes expert appraisal A new type of interior and exterior wall coating with zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), zero formaldehyde, and zero heavy metal properties was recently approved by a national-level new product expert in Beijing. Experts believe that the new "dry powder latex interior and exterior wall coating" has the characteristics of zero pollution, fills the blank of the industry from the product form, from the technical route and quality level in the domestic leading level, which has a larger promotion space.

According to reports, the new paint was developed and produced by Baoding Meihe Coating Co., Ltd., Hebei Province. After examination by an authoritative department, VOC, formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. were not detected, and the scrub resistance of the interior wall paint reached 50,000 times. The standard stipulates ≥ 5000 times. The external wall paint is artificially aged for 1300 hours (national standards stipulate that the superior product is resistant to artificial aging for 600 hours), and other properties also meet the quality standards of the superior products specified by the national standards. After investigation and verification, the technical route adopted and the quality level achieved for this new coating have not been reported in China.

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