Omido tells you which plants to put in front of the window

With the development of urbanization, people gradually leave the village and move into a high-rise building. In the boring reinforced concrete, people still aspire to those green life breath, so add a little green in front of the window. Love to do things, in order to give family space to add a breath of life, so that they are pleasing and comfortable. What plants are suitable for placing in front of the windows ? Omido home tells you.


There are many plants suitable for indoor use, but due to the different orientation of the windows, the intensity of light is not the same, and the choice of plants should also be different. Therefore, when choosing plants and flowers, pay special attention to their habits.

If your room is facing south, and can receive more than five or six hours of light each day, then the following "Xiyang" flowers can grow well and bloom, such as: gardenia, camellia, morning glory, geranium, streptopelia Lan, Jasmine, Milan, Chinese rose, tulip, narcissus, Baizilian, nasturtium, rhododendron and so on.


Suitable for east-window, west-window conservation of flowers are Begonia, Chlorophytum, Mosaic, Begonia (drip Guanyin), Cyclamen, Asparagus, Asparagus, Phnom Penh six snow, crab cactus, cactus and so on. These plants do not need long-term light, but at the same time, they must pay attention to the ventilation of windows and avoid soil mildew.

If your window is north, then select some shade-tolerant plants. Chlorophytum, palm, ivy, monstera, watercress green, Guangdong evergreen, ferns, etc., can be considered. Teach you a little secret: If conditions permit, it is best to put these shade-resistant potted plants outdoors during the summer months so as to make the plants grow more luxuriant.

The above is the complete content of the plants that are placed in front of the windows . Wherever we live, as long as we love life, we can make our lives full of green vitality. To learn more about home, you can follow the GO Home Information Channel.

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