Remedial measures for phytotoxicity in fruit trees

As the fruit farmers choose pesticides improperly or use them unreasonably, causing phytotoxicity in fruit trees, the following remedies can be taken:

If the water spray on the tree is found early, the damaged plant should be sprayed with water immediately to dilute and wash off the pesticide adhering to the foliage and branches.

Spraying and neutralizing the leaves can be sprayed with 50% humate (dissolved first with a small amount of water) into 3000 times solution. After 3 days, the leaves will gradually turn green.

Timely topdressing of fruit trees after timely damage to the fruit trees can make the damaged fruit trees recover as soon as possible, and the phytotoxicity caused by acidic pesticides can be applied to some plant ash and quicklime. For the phytotoxicity caused by alkaline pesticides, acid fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate can be applied. Regardless of the phytotoxicity, foliar application of 0.3% urea solution plus 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixture, spraying once every 15-17 days, even spraying 2-3 times, can alleviate the phytotoxicity.

After cultivating the loose soil trees, it is necessary to carry out loosening of the orchard in time (depth 10-15 cm) to enhance the recovery ability of the fruit trees themselves.

After moderately pruning the fruit trees, they should be pruned in time, cut off the dead branches, and remove the dead leaves to prevent the spread of the dead parts or the infection by the pathogens.

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