2015 Elephant Abrasives Enterprise Transformation, Brand Upgrade and Insider Dealer Recognition Meeting Zou Yanling Chairman's Speech

Abstract Zou Yanling, Chairman of Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives Co., Ltd. Dear leaders, friends from the industry, dear dealers and friends: Hello everyone, thank you very much for your busy schedule to gather in China's economic center and China's national industry. The birthplace of Shanghai - Shanghai, can come to the big...

Chairman of the Elephant Abrasives Zou Yanling

Dear leaders, industry friends, dear dealers and friends:
Hello everyone, thank you very much for your busy schedule to gather in China's economic center and the birthplace of Chinese national industry - Shanghai, to visit the Elephant Company's regional distributor conference in 2015. In the years of cooperation, you have devoted your efforts and efforts to the market development of elephant products, contributing a great deal to the achievement of elephant sales, and have made great contributions to the development of elephants. You are the most trustworthy elephants. friend. We sincerely hope to express our sincere gratitude by holding a regional distributor conference, so as to reward our dealer friends who are dependent on us! The achievement of all achievements is inseparable from the long-term cooperation of all dealers. Your trust and support is an important driving force for the continued development of the elephant company. The results are created by each of our dealer friends! We are also eager to create a friendly and harmonious communication platform that will make the elephant company better in the future market performance. We are willing to hear your voice and improve our deficiencies. In the end, we hope that through this dealer conference, we will deepen our mutual understanding and enhance our cooperative feelings, so that we can unite more closely, work hand in hand, and win the future together!

As a brand that has been in the abrasive industry for 22 years, elephant grinders have grown through storms and tempering. They have achieved fruitful results and honors while gaining social and industry recognition. Looking back at 2014, it is an extraordinary year in the company's development process. The company experienced asset restructuring when the domestic and international economic situation entered the “new normal”, which is a milestone year for the elephant company. All the elephants did not fear the difficulties and challenges, responded positively, and achieved steady growth in production and sales performance and profitability. On July 11, 2014, Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives Co., Ltd. successfully completed the asset reorganization. On the basis of retaining all the original R&D systems, production systems, brand systems and innovative spirit, the Elephant Company opened a new one. Page, carrying the historical trust, the future, the company's assets reorganization quickly to achieve three major upgrades in talent, technology, market, the company quickly carry out core team building and talent structure adjustment, technical transformation and formulation improvement, marketing strategy adjustment and business process Structure, smooth transformation of enterprises and brand upgrades, ensuring the stable operation and development of the elephant company. Through the introduction of excellent management talents and technical talents of multinational corporations and group companies, and the original management technology team together form the new core team of the elephant company, the new and old team blended and created the strong cohesiveness and centripetal force of the excellent team of the elephant company. Fighting and creativity, the elephant company has made a leap-forward development.

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the company, brand marketing is the strategic direction, and technology research and development is the future growth point. Following the internal and external kinetic energy and pressure of the enterprise's transformation and upgrading, the Elephant Company has invested in an intelligent international office building to support the cloud virtual desktop office system and ERP informationization upgrade operation. Based on product quality stability and quality improvement, the company invested funds to carry out equipment technical transformation and production line upgrade, and at the same time improved and updated the ultra-thin process recipe, and established a “quality control team” to take overall responsibility for the company's quality control matters. The quality of market feedback is coordinated with the company's relevant resources to quickly resolve quality issues. The company regards quality as its life. Through the implementation of total quality management, it incorporates a strict quality control system from raw materials into products to product sales, creating a high quality of elephant products, thus greatly enhancing the elephant brand. The reliability and reputation of the company have provided strong support for the marketing team and dealers to expand their territory in the market. The market share of our products has been steadily improved and the channels have been further stabilized. In the second half of 2014, the company upgraded the ELE brand to enhance the extensive cooperation with traditional media and new media. Through the Canton Fair and domestic and international exhibitors, the brand image of the elephant company was further established, and market confidence was once again established to highlight the elephant company. It will continue to move forward steadily and create a century-old brand. In 2015, the company will adjust its strategic management focus, strengthen marketing management, strengthen market data analysis, expand sales channels, improve business management, implement brand strategic planning, create maximum profit-making value for customers, maximize customer satisfaction, and make elephants The company has long-term development and long-term benefits. In the new year, our company will increase investment in innovative technology equipment, increase research and development of new technologies, participate in industry exchanges and cooperation, standard formulation and industry integration and upgrade, and continue to write new chapters for the creation of high-end brands in the industry. I also hope to work side by side with the dealers and friends to paint the grand blueprint of the elephant company.

This conference, our enterprise upgrade, brand upgrade and product upgrade, to the dealer friends to pass such a signal: Elephant company will build a customer service platform, with first-class product quality, perfect service system, high-end brand positioning, Unify the business model, improve the overall quality of the team, strengthen the core competitiveness, and ultimately achieve our strategic goals. Based on the principle of achieving the company's business objectives in 2015, Elephant will implement comprehensive budget management, and through the optimization of supply chain and production operations, business processes and ERP are highly integrated, fully implement the digital manufacturing concept of industrialization and information integration, and gradually move toward international Industry 4.0 management level. Elephant International's international vision, cutting-edge philosophy, and steady footsteps carry hopes and dreams. We sincerely hope to cooperate with dealers and friends to make the elephants become international excellent enterprises.

It is true that the future of elephants will face many challenges and hardships. However, we will meet every challenge, bearing and innovation with an elephant-like spirit and body, and show the true nature of the elephant. Based on the principle of honesty and win-win, the company adheres to the market-oriented and customer-oriented, so that our partners have better development and more profits, so that the elephant company's dealers become the industry. The most enviable dealer. We provide the best quality products to you, and let us make our products go in all directions. The development of elephants is inseparable from the sincere cooperation and strong support of all of us. We are deeply grateful to the dealer friends who are in the same boat with the elephants. Thank you for your support and companionship. With your continued support, we have reason to believe that in the future journey, the elephant company will go further, go more stable and go better!

Chairman: Zou Yanling
March 31, 2015

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