What is the cause of premature aging of cotton?

Cotton is the main cash crop in the autumn plains, but we will see cotton that should not be dead leaves in many cotton fields, but die early. This phenomenon is called premature aging. What is the cause of premature aging of cotton? There are three reasons:

1, lack of fertilizer and water is prone to premature aging. There is no organic fertilizer in the cotton field for a long time, lack of organic matter and trace elements in the soil; insufficient amount of base fertilizer, less application of flower and bell fertilizer, poor quality of fertilizer; late application of flower and bell fertilizer, insufficient soil moisture, no effect of fertilizer effect, long drought time , lack of nutrition and premature aging. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2, root injury is likely to lead to premature aging of cotton. Cotton seedlings have long waterlogging time, soil compaction, poor gas permeability, poor root development, growth retardation and premature aging; excessive use of herbicides, damage to cotton roots, less cultivating soil during bud stage, underdeveloped root system, soil conservation and drought resistance Poor premature aging. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3. Sudden diseases and insects are prone to premature aging. For example, tweed leaf moth, cotton aphid and red spider are seriously harmful, cotton leaves are eaten or shed by a large amount; yellow blight is not cured in the seedling stage, and red leaf blight is prone to occur when the temperature and humidity are suitable after autumn; high temperature and drought, occasional irrigation The artificial large water soaking, the cotton due to "water poisoning" caused the leaves to fall off a lot and prematurely decay. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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