Arizona State University researchers develop white lasers

Arizona State University researchers develop white lasers

Since the advent of the 60s, lasers have appeared in many different applications today. Lasers come in several colors, including red and green, but white has evaded scientists so far. Now, a group of researchers at Arizona State University has created the world's first white laser. The team has already demonstrated the semiconductor laser they developed. The emitted white laser contains the entire spectrum of visible light colors.

To accomplish this feat, researchers have created a nanosheet that is a thin layer of semiconductor that is approximately one-fifth the thickness of a human hair. The semiconductor has three parallel segments that support green. Blue is a laser with three basic colors, so the laser produced by the semiconductor is a tunable color and can produce a beam of light between red, green, blue, and any color. The researchers said that when the total field laser was collected, a white laser was produced.

By creating a white laser, researchers have come closer to making lasers a mainstream light source as a potential replacement for LEDs. The laser is brighter, more energy efficient, and can provide more accurate and vivid colors on computer screens and televisions. White lasers may also be used in light-based wireless network communications (Li-Fi) to replace current WiFi wireless communications. The next step for the researchers was to create a white laser that could be powered by the battery.

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