Thunderstorm Weather How to Protect Household Appliances

In the summer, it was a season of thunderstorms. Especially in South China, the bad weather was not suitable for traveling. It was only at home, and he was afraid to play with a computer. He was afraid of a thunder and thousands of dollars. The computer crashed.

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Thunderbolts are divided into direct lightning strikes and induced lightning attacks. The main reason that a lightning storm affects the safety of household appliances is caused by the intrusion of induced lightning. Inductive lightning means that when lightning strikes, high-intensity electromagnetic induction generated on various types of metal pipes and wires that enter buildings leads to a sudden increase in the conductor voltage of the wire, causing the household appliance to burn out or even burn. Losses caused by lightning strikes in the home can be found everywhere, especially in recent years. The increase in precision electrical equipment such as computers is more likely to be damaged by lightning strikes, and the resulting economic losses in the country are as high as tens of millions of dollars.

Lightning protection has a very good resistance against direct lightning strikes. However, in the face of mischievous induced lightning, it appears to have more than enough power. Of course, modern science and technology will not succumb to nature. Scientists have already developed device surge protectors against inductive lightning as early as decades ago. From the earliest protection gap type surge protector to the current zinc oxide surge protector, after several generations of development, the lightning protection technology becomes more and more mature, and has been popularized in the electronics, machinery, automation and other industrial fields.

Unfortunately, the promotion of family lightning protection has progressed slowly. People always think that it will not be so unlucky. The possibility of damage to household appliances by lightning is too small, or they think that lightning rods are safe and carefree. Near the transmission lines, the over-high over-current will propagate along the wires, which will cause great damage to your electrical equipment. In 2008, the computer in my home was damaged by lightning. On the same night, the thunder rang loudly. Although the computer was turned off, the overcurrent caused by the lightning strike still invaded the computer equipment, damaged the motherboard, and the computer could not boot. The stored information is lost, but fortunately there are no important documents.

The promotion of family lightning protection has become an urgent task at present. The main measure is to install the Kejia KDY40 surge protector in the home-to-house distribution box. The maximum discharge current of 40kA must be ensured. For insurance purposes, computers and other precision equipment can be used. Before the installation of Kejia KDY20 surge protector to ensure the maximum discharge current of 20kA. The surge protector has excellent preventive effect on the induced lightning. The overcurrent caused by thunder and lightning can be discharged through the ground wire in a very short time, which protects the safety of the equipment and enables you to fully open the equipment during thunderstorms. No worries

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