Various hardware installation steps

1. Installation of woodworking hardware items

Most wood products need to consider the problem of paint. Therefore, the installation time of the hardware needs to consider the problem of connection with the painter construction. This needs to be considered from two aspects: First, the installation time of the hardware can not be arranged too early, otherwise the painter needs to consider the protection of the hardware too much during the construction; second, when installing the hardware, Be careful not to damage the construction that the painter has completed. Therefore, normal construction is often arranged in such a way that the hardware that needs to be drilled is basically completed before the painter is constructed, or before the main process is carried out (the unlocking holes before the door lock is installed are basically at this stage). The drilling hole of the handle is preferably arranged at this stage as well. After the painter finishes the construction, the woodworker will perform the installation work.

2. Installation of electrical lamps and switch socket panels

The installation of the luminaire and the installation of the switch socket panel should be carried out after the work of painting or wallpapering the wall is completed. There have been cases like this: When a company was working, in order to save personnel expenses, the electrician installed the switch socket too early in the process arrangement, and accidentally cut the panel when using the wallpaper knife to cut the opening of the switch socket panel.

3, sanitary ware and bathroom hardware installation

Due to the current low level of overall management of the home improvement industry, the quality of workers at the construction site is generally poor. Therefore, on some construction sites, there have been too many cases where the installed bathtub was first used by construction workers. In recent years, there have been many complaints in this regard. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers, unless forced to do so, before the start of the project and most construction workers have not evacuated from the site, it is best not to install sanitary ware. Otherwise, it is very likely that the hair left after bathing will be found in your new bathtub.

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