Brand Competition: Foraging Law in Children's Paint Market

The domestic paint industry has developed more difficult in the past few years. While the real estate industry is sluggish, although it is still moving forward, it has slowed down.

According to relevant data, the total domestic production of paint last year was 9.666 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 22.8%. After ten years of brewing and vicissitude, the total output of domestic coatings has experienced a period of high-speed growth from a low output of 181 million tons to a high output of 9.666 million tons. With the deepening of the concept of home health, environmental protection and other concepts, consumers are paying more and more attention to low-carbon, health and environmental protection. Therefore, the marketing of coatings private enterprises is none other than the road to low-carbon environmental protection. Children's lacquer rises under this background. Although it has been less than a decade since it was raised in the domestic market, it has been more concerned about the healthy growth of children. The degree of concern is much higher than that of other paint products.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 30 companies that have introduced children's paint products, and about 10 companies have a certain reputation. The well-known enterprises in the domestic children's paint market include Garboli, China Resources, Dulux, and other well-known companies. Carpoly, China Resources, Mei Tushi, Fuya, and Three Trees all launched their own children's paint products. Who will be able to become the biggest winner in the Chinese children's paint market in the fight for children's paint market?

According to the reporter's understanding, with the passage of time and people's increasing awareness of consumption, the separate decoration of children's rooms has become a trend. The Chinese children's paint market has begun to take shape and mature. Many domestic paint companies have also found real money in this wave of growth. In order to seize the market, domestic paint companies have also resorted to a "sword" suitable for their own series of marketing models.

When a reporter recently chatted with a friend in the paint industry, a friend said something like this: "The Chinese children's paint market must really mature, and every consumer must make a room for children when they choose paint." There is still a long way to go for the choice of children's paint. In the domestic paint industry, several representative companies have launched their marketing efforts in the marketing market, and they expect to occupy a commanding height in the chaotic and complicated market.” Competition in the market is fierce. The situation further accelerated the reshuffle of paint companies in the children's paint marketing market.

Is there any best product in marketing? In fact, better products only exist as a concept in the minds of consumers, and what consumers see as good products is closely related to the brand that this product embodies. Marketing is not exactly a product quality dispute, but more is the competition between brands.

With the disruption of small and medium-sized enterprises, the competition in the domestic children's paint market has entered a period of time when big and small brands compete on the same stage and become mixed. In the new round of children's paint market competition, no matter which company has brand competition as the biggest bargaining chip for the children's paint market, brand competition will accelerate the reshuffle of children's paint market.

At the same time, the consumption thinking of consumers using children's paint has not yet been fully established, and the marketing ability of children's paints needs to be improved. So far, China has not independently issued control standards for children's room decoration materials. The lack of industry standards is an urgent problem to be solved. This has created obstacles to the definition of whether the product is suitable for use in children's rooms. Parents also lack the basis for judging their environmental standards when selecting children's paint. The lack of standards has also made the quality of children's paint on the market uneven.

Only those paint companies that really do the brand will really win the market in the fierce competition jungle.

With the continuous improvement of technical content and persistent promotion of advertising for children's paints, consumers' awareness and goodwill of children's paints are constantly rising, and children's paints are expected to be truly loved by domestic consumers. At present, the competition in the paint industry, especially in the children's paint market, has been intensified, and from a pros and cons perspective, it is not necessarily a good thing. With the growing popularity of big brand promotion methods, as well as the enhancement of consumer spending concepts and environmental awareness, the children's paint market is bound to expand further, and sales are expected to be a breakthrough. Responsible, branded, strong, skilled, patient, and determined children's lacquer brands will surely win a new round of Chinese children's paint market.

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