[Adding materials to the Mid-Autumn Festival] The fingerprint lock that is integrated into the Internet of Things has a future.

OFweek Internet of Things News Google CEO Schmidt once said "The Internet will always be with you, become part of your existence. Imagine, when you walk into a room, and the room is actually energetic. You can and the room The interaction of things inside, everything is under your control, you have to pass your permission. With the development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the technology industry is rushing to sell more and more connected devices to users. For example, Google’s own smart thermostat, for example, is a wave of smart clothing, smart accessories and smart home appliances on the market. And no matter whether consumers are interested in these things, it is undoubted that everything is connected. The trend of the times is a movement in the technology industry.

When the Internet of Things technology is integrated into traditional hardware locks, a new era of intelligence is coming to us. The mission of the lock is not just a switch lock. It records your data and behavior. It is integrated into the Internet of Things industry and its application scenarios and values ​​will be infinitely magnified. The traditional fingerprint password lock solves the pain point of forgetting to bring the key. The door lock in the context of the Internet of Things is also solving the data needs of some users while also collecting data. Based on the analysis of big data, the future value will be very huge.


The built-in and external sensors of the intelligent door lock system of the Internet of Things, after sensing the changes of the external environment, make different work plans according to their own conditions and different situations to adapt to different needs and maintain the best state at all times. The intelligent door lock system of the Internet of Things can also save the user a lot of state setting operations by learning the user's habits, making it easier and more user-friendly to use, and once the user is used to changing, the intelligent door lock system of the Internet of Things can also A new setting is created. Of course, this is an ideal state. Under the current technical conditions, it may not be realized, but with the increase of sensing devices in the Internet of Things era, this may be realized in the near future.

Under the current state of the art, the smart door lock system after accessing the Internet of Things will have the following effects:

1. Based on the traditional hardware door lock, it can expand the application functions of the product, such as mobile phone opening and remote unlocking;

2. On the basis of the traditional hardware locks, plus the sensor control chip, the lock and the security equipment can be realized by the system, which expands the single function of the door lock and solves the integration of the security system, such as the camera, the door magnet and the window. System integration of magnetic and other devices;

3. In the era of mobile Internet and the Internet of Things, door lock manufacturers have realized the layout of the mobile Internet and Internet of Things “entrance”, which has greatly extended the life cycle of customer consumption. The service based on the consumption cycle will generate many value-added services;

4. Changes to business models will also be brought about by traditional sales methods, such as lock rental mode, free mode, service value-added mode, etc.


Based on the above analysis, the intelligent door lock integrated into the Internet of Things technology will surely become the direction of future development, and is also an inevitable requirement for the upgrading of a new round of intelligent door locks. Based on this, Shenzhen Shengda Hengwei Technology Co., Ltd. has seamlessly connected the fingerprint lock to the current fashionable smart home system through new technology, and launched the “Cloud Open” series of fingerprint locks to realize the effective linkage between the door lock and the smart home appliance. The door lock is connected to the family and family. Hengwei Cloud opens the fingerprint lock, which can be unlocked freely through the mobile phone, and the door opening record can be viewed at any time. When there are old people and children in the family, by opening the door record, you can check whether the elderly and children have gone home and remotely monitor their safety. At the same time, it can effectively link with other smart products in the home to realize scene mode control. For example, when you go home at night, when you open the door, the lights in the room will light up, and the air conditioner will automatically adjust to 26 °C, and the smart home will respond automatically. And to achieve this series of actions, you can easily achieve it with just a finger press.


As the door lock of the Internet of Things era, changing the shape of the key is not enough. It is the ultimate goal to extend the concept of "intelligence" to make the user's residence safer and more convenient. The essence of a lock is to protect the safety of the home. The door lock of the Internet of Things era is only enough to ensure security. Under the premise of ensuring security, it should be given more value and meaning.

Editor in charge: Sun Gongxue

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