The super C-class smart lock technology that will alarm will be difficult to unlock more than 120 minutes.

Since the launch of the “Safe Locks into Wanjia” Huimin activities, the upsurge of the city’s urban residents has changed. After many people installed and used it, they recommended it to relatives and friends. "We are preparing to change the locks at home. We have consulted several unlocking companies in the city. The prices are quite high. It happens to be an evening newspaper and the price is affordable. Not only does my home change. The lock, even the neighbors have changed." In the telephone call back, the public Mr. Zhao said. "So a good lock, is it really so cheap?" "The newspaper's activities, the price can't be wrong" "I and the neighbors signed for 5" ... "Safe locks into the Wanjia" Huimin activities carried out less than a month, this newspaper The hotline is constantly receiving calls from the public and changing locks. Our reporter has returned to the home that has replaced this alarm super C-class smart lock core and found that the public satisfaction reached 100%. There are still many readers who make advance reservations for the new homes that will be handed over to the house, hoping to enjoy this offer earlier.

What is the difference between this product and the lock cylinder sold on the market? The reporter interviewed the technical personnel of the production enterprise - Shenzhen Kunan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Technical unlocking is more than 120 minutes

It is understood that when we change the lock cylinder, we replace it with a lock cylinder and a set of keys. This super-C-class intelligent lock cylinder that can alarm, in addition to the lock cylinder and the key, has a pass wire. An alarm connected to the lock cylinder, which can recognize the unlocking tool, such as forcible unlocking, master key, illegal unlocking, etc. If it is not its own key, as long as it is inserted into the keyhole, it will scream loudly and make a tight and harsh sound. It can not only remind the owner of the room, but also threaten the thief and play a deterrent role. In addition, there are times when we have a lot of things in our hands. When you open the door and go home, you may forget to pull the keys. At this time, the lock core will make a squeaking sound to remind you. In addition to the lock core will "alarm", it is another feature is the use of super C-class blade lock core, four-sided milling slot, the key uses Mercedes-Benz, BMW car key technology, the technical unlocking difficulty is more than 120 minutes.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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