There are three misunderstandings about TV wall decoration to know

How can people not scatter if they float in rivers and lakes? In the long process of renovation, even if you are careful, it is inevitable that you will occasionally go wrong. In order to create a perfect TV backdrop, the owners have devoted a lot of time and energy. If you leave regrets because of some misunderstandings, then how "tragedy" you are. Here are three common misconceptions about TV wall decoration.

Distance on TV backdrop

This distance is a matter of exquisite attention. Many people think that TV is not related to the background wall. Even if it feels that it is better to be one, it would be wrong! Because if you put too close, after a while you will find that the color of the wall is not consistent with the overall. Therefore, the TV and the background wall should still maintain a proper distance so that the heat generated by the TV due to long-term operation will not be able to disperse the TV and the wall.

About the area of ​​the TV backdrop

The existence of the TV background wall is to make the home improvement more beautiful, so the need to do without the TV background wall is determined by the entire home environment. Some homeowners will think that as long as they are on the wall of the TV, they must make the TV background wall, regardless of the size of the space. In fact, if the housing space is relatively small, it is not appropriate to decorate the TV wall. Even if the space in the house is large, the area of ​​the background wall should be controlled within a reasonable range. It depends on the size of the room and the size of the TV.

Light on TV wall background

The TV wall decoration also needs attention is the wiring and lighting problems. Sometimes when the background wall is installed, it is found that the wires are still exposed. Therefore, the size of the furniture to be placed should be provided to the plumber before installing the position of the power socket.

Some owners may feel that the TV background wall is not full of atmosphere and need to be lighted. Although the TV background wall that has been lighted will look a lot better, it can easily cause visual fatigue over time. Not only is it bad for the eyes, but it also wastes power.

TV background wall decoration misunderstanding


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