Two common problems in the use of aluminum coil winding packaging machine

【China Aluminum Network】 aluminum coil winding packaging machine, as the name implies, is the machine that wraps the materials by winding. There are many types of wrapping machines, such as stretch film winding machines, spiral arm winding machines, ring body winding machines, and horizontal winding machines.

The aluminum coil winding packaging machine is a commonly used packaging machine in the packaging industry. If improper use is performed during the course of use, the packaging machine will sometimes have some problems, and it will organize the following common problems and corresponding solutions.

First, the shrinking machine of the aluminum coil winding packaging machine is heating up slowly or it cannot rise to a higher temperature.

The reason and the corresponding solution: The winding of the packaging machine heater is the main power line through a magnetic switch and then to the heating pipe, it should first detect the magnetic switch contacts are normal. If the line does not pass one of the phase, then The above phenomenon will occur. If the magnetic pick-up switch is normal, check the meter to see if the ohmic value of each phase and the machine is the same. If normal should be a short-circuit fault, if the phases are all turned on but the line or heater is still abnormal, the heater must be replaced.

Second, when the device is in operation, the film material is easy to shift and cannot be fed normally.

In the case of running in the wrapping machine, if the situation of film offset is encountered and the position of the adjusted film roll and the tension balance bar have no effect, the angle of the upper triangular plate can be adjusted to solve the problem. From the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted clockwise. If the lower layer material is offset from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate must be adjusted counterclockwise.

The productivity of our country's winding packaging machinery products needs to be improved, the development of supporting facilities is not sufficient, and the degree of automation is low. It is an inevitable trend that winding machine packaging automation is exact, but at present, the market development area of ​​this country is not saturated, especially the high-end market of wrapping machine packaging automation products. There are also many manufacturers before wrapping machine packaging in China, but in the customer's impression, they still belong to a low-end market.

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