Analysis of the shrinkage of infrared camera market

The fierce competition in the infrared camera market has not promoted the development of the entire market. On the contrary, some of the product problems that have already been solved have often appeared. So, what are the causes of the current situation in which the infrared camera is not shrinking? Mainly from the following points of view.

1. The proliferation of manual workshops led to the decline and chaos in the overall market price. The overall decline in product quality was due to the low production threshold of infrared cameras, and a considerable number of merchants in the market specialized in the production and sale of camera accessories. This is the growth of hand-made workshops. It opened up fertile ground for one side, so three or two people rented a small room to start production, and their ultimate goal was to pursue profit maximization. Obviously, quality became empty talk. Due to its low price, the impact on some regular manufacturers has caused the market share of regular manufacturers to gradually decrease. Due to the pressure of competition, in order to keep the market, some regular manufacturers can only reduce costs. Simultaneously, under the pressure of the manufacturer, each raw material supplier can only gradually shrink the quality of the materials. As a result, the overall quality of the products has been reduced. Quality problems that have not appeared before or have already been solved are beginning to rise, and the entire market is in a heated state. The vicious price competition. Of course, the current situation of this kind should be said to be an inevitable result of market development. The development of the security industry in China was only a short period of more than 20 years, and the development of infrared cameras was less than 10 years. In such a short period of time, on the one hand, manufacturers were in a period of “continuation of a hundred schools,” and not yet one or two leading enterprises. Occupy the dominant position of the industry and guide the entire industry. On the other hand, many customers lack the correct understanding of infrared cameras, and because the technical threshold is too low, many small workshops can be exploited, resulting in the current situation.

2. Simplification of product system and homogenization of products Since 2006, there have been few new types of infrared cameras, and the products of various manufacturers are still products of 2006. Products produced by different manufacturers will not be labeled if they are not. It is difficult to tell the difference between the two products in appearance. In fact, during this time, there are companies that are updating their product lines. However, it takes a long time for a new product to go from R&D to the market. Due to the price fluctuation in the infrared camera market, a new product is just created. It will be hit by price when it is first available, and the new products developed in recent years are mostly single-function and have no special highlights, which makes promotion difficult.

3. The unsound industrial mechanism is also one of the reasons for the slow development of the entire market. Since the early 1980s, the security industry started in China. Until now, domestic camera manufacturers still do not have an industry standard to restrict them. Many manufacturers have implemented them. Is the corporate standard, even some small manufacturers simply do not have the standard. In such a disorderly state, measuring whether a camera is qualified is almost empty talk. In addition, the detection standards are not sound enough. At present, the only authority in China for the quality inspection of infrared cameras is the product quality supervision, inspection, and testing center of the Ministry of Public Security's security and alarm system. The standard used by the center for detecting cameras is the GB/T15865-1995 camera ( "PAL/SECAM/NTSC measurement method", each test is only for the resolution, anti-voltage capability, brightness, signal to noise ratio and other parameters of conventional cameras. It does not involve the infrared camera and its infrared lamp power, launch distance, Night vision effects and other relevant indicators of the test. Actually, the center did not go to test, but so far, there is not yet a standard for infrared cameras. Based on this situation, some hands-on workshops will be produced indiscriminately to disrupt the market.

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