Making a fortune is very easy to make use of the unique "budgety"

The so-called financial position is a prosperous place that can help your family make money. Generally speaking, there is a unique financial position in the house. If you use it well and put on a suitable mascot, the days when you are rich will not be away from you. Far.

Although Feng Shui has many different opinions, it is generally believed that there are "symbolic financial positions" and "substantive financial positions." The symbolic financial position belongs to the "Ming position", which is the position of the left or right diagonal of the entry point spoken by the general public.

This location is best not to be a walkway, but rather to form a corner of a fortune, and then put some mascots above it to increase the chance of financial resources. At the same time, proper decoration can also increase the aura of the living room.

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Financial position five

First, the financial position should be bright

Should not be dim, bright and lively. The financial position should have sunlight or light, which will greatly help to boost wealth.

Second, the financial position should be

The so-called "birth" refers to lush growth. Evergreen plants should be placed in the financial position, especially the golden-leaf or rubber tree with thick leaves or thick leaves, rubber trees, and Brazilian eucalyptus. However, it should be noted that these plants should be cultivated with soil and should not be cultured with water. The fiscal position should not be planted with thorny cactus plants, otherwise it will be self-defeating.

Third, the financial position should sit

The financial position is a place where financial resources are concentrated and should be used. For example, putting a sofa on a financial position, when a family sits and relaxes and talks about the sky, they can be more contaminated by the financial resources there. In addition, it would be appropriate to place the dining table in the financial position as this would benefit both the elderly and the young.

Fourth, the financial position should be lying

About one-third of the time spent on sleep, the auspiciousness of the bed position has a great influence on the fortune. If the bed is placed in a financial position, and you lie there on a day and night, it can be beneficial to your wealth. Some people have misunderstood and think that the bed is a heavy piece of furniture and may devastate the financial position. Therefore, it is afraid to place the bed there. In fact, this is a waste of money.

Fifth, financial position Yiji

The financial position is the place where Wang Qi condenses, and if there are some objects with good fortune. For example, it is the statue of Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung, or Wenwu Caishen. This will be Kyrgyzstan's Jiaji and it will have a icing on the cake.

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