How to choose excellent putty for wall decoration

In the wall decoration, more important than the paint is the coating of the base material - "putty." A 100-square-meter house needs more than 600 kilograms of putty, and its area will reach more than 200 square meters. Such a large amount of use, such a large area of ​​use, his quality, environmental protection or not is the most noteworthy of home decoration.

Therefore, when decorating the wall, in addition to choosing the topcoat, it is more important to choose quality putty. So how to choose a good putty?

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First, firmly bonded without cracking

This condition is often found on the walls of homes. After one or two years of painting on the walls, skins and cracks slowly appear. This is due to the decorating company, still using the original method of preparing putty, using the site preparation, with 801 glue, fly powder (commonly known as the old powder), cooked rubber powder and even add white cement, prepared by the painter. That is, putty prepared by this method due to improper proportions, inaccurate measurement, poor adhesion, easily appear from the skin, shedding and other ills.

Therefore, when choosing a putty, it is absolutely necessary to abandon the traditional glue powder and the backward products. Instead, a new type of product should be selected. For example, Saint Gobainaldehyde net putty uses natural gypsum as the main material, plus imported environmental protection additives, and it only needs to be stirred with water. The gypsum is stirred with water and quickly turns from hemihydrate gypsum into dihydrate gypsum, and the dihydrate gypsum crystals are tightly bound to each other, so that the hardened gypsum becomes an artificial stone with higher strength. Its binding force is 1000 times that of glue, which ensures that the putty layer does not crack.

Second, smooth and delicate

In general, the coating formed after the film is formed has a thickness of only a few tens of wires, and the smoothness of the putty layer directly determines the smoothness of the coating surface. Similarly, we used the experiment of Saint Gobain's net putty to determine whether the putty powder fell and whether the surface was smooth and smooth.

It can be seen from the experiment that there is no powder falling off, the hands with friction putty are clean, and the surface and corners of the sample are full of brilliance.

Third, natural materials, environmental health

According to a survey conducted by the China Standardization Association and the China Children's Health Care Disease Prevention and Control Center, as many as 2.1 million children have died each year due to respiratory infections caused by renovation pollution in the country, among them, more than 1 million children under the age of 5 are related to indoor air pollution. The number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution in China has reached 110,000 every year. Decoration pollution has been listed as one of the five environmental factors most harmful to the public. Of the 40,000 to 50,000 new leukemia patients in China each year, about 50% are children. According to statistics of a hematology department of a children's hospital, 90% of the children who received the leukemia were renovated within half a year.

100 square meters of room wall finishing, according to the traditional process requires about 100 kilograms of glue, of which about 250 milligrams of benzene, formaldehyde. This amount of toxic substances is enough to kill five cows at a time. Therefore, the environmental protection of putty is the most important.

Each kilogram of glue contains at least 2 grams (2000 milligrams) (calculated according to national standards) of formaldehyde. The concentration of formaldehyde in each room of 100 square meters can be as high as 714mg/m3 (calculated as floor height 2.8 meters and 100 kilograms glue). Children experience slight asthma when they reach 0.06-0.07 mg/m3 per cubic meter of air. When the indoor air reaches 0.1mg/m3, there is odor and discomfort; when it reaches 0.5mg/m3, it can stimulate the eyes and cause tearing; reaching 0.6mg/m3 can cause throat discomfort or pain. At higher concentrations, it can cause nausea and vomiting, cough, chest tightness, wheezing, and even pulmonary edema; when it reaches 30 mg/m3, it will immediately cause death.

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