Bedroom Bed Feng Shui Affects Body Health

The bed is a place to rest and sleep. One-third of people spend their entire life in bed, so choosing a comfortable bed is very important. At the same time pay attention to whether the placement of your bed meets the feng shui essentials, otherwise it is likely to affect the quality of your sleep, and in the long run, endanger the body's health index.
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Nowadays, most families prefer to place the bed in the middle of the room in accordance with the Western style of swinging the bed. Only the bedside against the wall can go to bed on all three sides. This way of swinging the bed is basically not good for anything other than getting in bed. The reason is: When two adults sleep in a 1.5-meter-wide bed, they will feel very nervous and cannot relax. They will be shocked to fall in bed. If you put a baby up, it will inevitably fall under the bed. Adults do not fall because they have control. But to control, there must be a part of the nerves that are not rested, and they will be watching you all night. This will greatly reduce your sleep and not get a thorough and relaxed rest.
Relatively speaking, the Chinese in history have concluded a very scientific way of life. For example, China’s ancient bed is a very scientific product. This bed is collectively called a canopy bed. It can be divided into four-poster beds and six-poster beds. There are many other variants, such as the moonlight door cover canopy bed. It has a 40-cm-high fence on three sides and a 40-cm-wide fence on both sides of the bed, leaving only about 1.2 meters in the doorway. It has several advantages: First, with a fence around it, it is much easier to sleep on it. There will definitely be no worry of dropping the bed. Second, the fences on the left and right sides of the bed are also very beautifully designed. People who sleep close to the bed have their feet on the first leg, and there is no feeling of falling in the waist. Therefore, there is no fear of dropping the bed. . You can sleep very well! Thirdly, the canopy bed has reduced the space for you to sleep. If you add the envelope, it is like a small house. Absolutely is a gathering power! It's wonderful! The most important reliable.
When it comes to swinging the bed, it's best not to put the bed in the middle. First of all, the three sides have no support and no sense of security. Second, the space in the bedroom was very fragmented and inconvenient to use. If the room is not large, it is easy to bruise the hands and feet. We always say that feng shui emphasizes "collection of wind and wind." We often say that on Shantou Water, the opposite corner of the house door is a financial position. This is in terms of the design of the old house. The reason is that the corner is a place where there is a gathering of winds, and doors and windows are not flushed. If people sleep there, they will be in good health. With a healthy body, mental flexibility, and energy, of course, there is the spirit to make money! Therefore, in the final analysis, the meaning of financial position is to ensure the health of the human body. Therefore, the following types of swings are more appropriate:
1. It is good to put the bed in a wall position on three sides, that is, place the bed as much as possible in a place where the wind is gathering.
2. Put the bed in the corner of the room not facing the door and window, and both sides against the wall. If you can't, please add screens and baffles to your door or window, or closet. The purpose is to block the windows and doors. To enable the bed to gather wind and gather air.
3. Be careful not to head towards the hallways, elevators, stairwells, toilets and toilets. Because these are the places where Yang moves. Corridors, sewage pipes, elevators, stairs, and flush toilets are places where air flow is very unstable. Although there is a wall, it will affect our brain waves, making it impossible for us to sleep quietly.
4. The bed should never be placed under the window, because the window is a place with the strongest air flow and light. It has a lot of movement and has a great impact on sleep. Human energy is easily lost, so it is also very detrimental to the health of the body. If you can not change the bed, it is best to use thick curtains and shade cloth to cover it. But this is the best way to change the bedside.
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