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Home Decoration is an important event for every family. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

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1. From the economic point of view, urban home decoration, according to the different building area, ranging from tens of thousands to more than 100,000 or even more. For most people, this renovation cost is not a small amount.

2. Home decoration is a matter of whether a family life is comfortable and healthy. After a family buys a house, it is basically renovated once, and it will not be renovated a second time in years or even decades. Therefore, the quality of decoration is directly related to the quality of life in the future. Even the decoration pollution problem that currently complains more will affect the health of family members and seriously threaten life. The hidden dangers caused by the renovation of some hidden projects are related to the safety of the family. It cannot but be taken seriously.

3. During the renovation process, the owner must participate in the design process of the house. After all, your home is for you. If you design your home exactly according to the designer's design, it is probably just someone else's home. In the course of your future life, if you find that your living environment is out of tune with your aesthetic or living habits, it will be a painful thing.

Almost all people have a point of view over the renovation: decoration is a regret project, so before the renovation, we must do enough preparation, the decoration will be blocked outside the home.

The preparations for renovation mainly include the following seven aspects:

First, psychological preparation

Most people who have experienced renovations often talk about renovations. People who are interested in it will find that, in endless topics, there is not only the proud work of their own decoration, but also the “bitter water” in the decoration process. Renovation, for many homeowners who buy new homes and get new house keys, is more exciting and novelty, and overlooks the difficulty and complexity of renovation projects. Therefore, before the renovation, decoration must not be taken lightly. It is a very easy thing to think that there must be enough psychological preparation to meet the various difficulties and problems that may arise during the renovation. Only in this way can we see the move in the decoration process. Owners who are about to renovate may wish to ask themselves the following questions:

1. How much do I know about the decoration process?

2. Are there enough reserves for the purchase and installation of building materials furniture?

3. In the process of purchasing building materials and furniture, I have faced price traps, quality traps, and merchant sales traps at any time. In this regard, do I have enough solutions?

4. Are you not satisfied with the design of the renovation project? Has it been reinvented if it has already started?

5. How does the decoration company delay schedule?

6. Does the weather during the decoration construction run into rainy days or severe cold affect the construction quality?

7. The decoration construction process at the scene need to pay attention to what workers are easy to do the hands and feet of the project?

8. How do construction workers cut corners and slipping? How to deal with them?

9. What hidden works exist in the decoration process? How much do I know?

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