Three suggestions: What is the ceiling color?

Ceiling, sky above head. If you decide to do ceiling, you must consider the color, the color of the ceiling should take into account the color of the floor; also pay attention to the indoor atmosphere; and light problems. Listen to the designer's opinions!

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[Recommendation 1] The color should not be deeper than the floor

It is generally advisable that the ceiling of the house should not be darker than the floor, especially if the ceiling is not high, and lighter colors are preferred. It's best to be light and light, creating a high ceiling. "The brightness of the colors is low, and the brightness is high and oppressive, and the decoration company designers are all suggesting. The best choice is to add a lot of white (white, light blue), gray or nearly white color.

Because in a 3D space, under the conditions of natural light, the floor is the brightest, the second wall is bright, and the ceiling is the darkest. In general, there are ceilings, lamps, cold air outlets, smoke detectors, etc. The ceiling is painted with dark colors, which is prone to pressure.

The best choice for ceiling color is to add a large amount of white (white, light blue), gray, or nearly white color.

[Recommendation 2] Consider space and atmosphere

Most designers of Shenzhen decoration companies recommend using pure white as the safest. However, if you want to create atmosphere, for example, you want to create a sense of mystery, privacy, or even “in the grottoes” in the restaurants in your home. Dark colors can be used as deep as possible. Purple, pure black color. At the same time, it depends on the color and material of the floor and the wall. It should not be too heavy, and it is easy to feel oppressive.

[Recommendation 3] Taking into account the degree of light received and its level

The ceiling is less exposed to light than the wall surface, and there is a swell effect in choosing a color that is lighter than the wall surface. The ceiling is low (less than 240 cm) in light colours and the ceiling is high (250 cm or more) in the same colour as the wall, but the principle of "don't lighten" should be observed.

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