Foreign glass wool insulation technology is widely used in construction

Countries have adopted a large number of new building materials and glass wool in buildings. Solid bricks have generally been replaced by hollow blocks and perforated bricks. In the wall of hollow blocks, in order to improve the thermal insulation performance of walls, they are cut off from the blocks. The air flow of the hollow channels formed in between, but also fill in the gaps filled with expanded perlite, loose glass wool or loose mineral wool and other loosely filled insulating glass wool.

In the building envelope structure, whether it is a commercial building or a civil building, a lightweight and efficient glass wool, rock wool, and foamed glass wool are used. There are basically three forms of wall insulation: insulation, external insulation and sandwich insulation. The wall structure of residential buildings is basically the oldest outermost layer of wood or plastic wallboard, followed by a layer of rigid foam plastic, which is the standard main rest of the wall, wooden frame structure and so on. The structure of another typical wall is filled in the cavity of a hollow block or hollow masonry wall, which can also play a very good thermal insulation effect.

Glass wool on the roof

The rooftops of civil buildings in foreign countries generally use more spires. The attic space in the steeple immediately below the roof is equipped with a passage for air circulation, which can not only solve the circulation of air, but also play a certain role in thermal insulation.

At the same time, on the top of the ceiling, glass wool or mineral wool felts and mats are generally laid, or loose insulation wool is directly blown into the space, and some of them are directly lifted by glass wool and glass wool and decorative veneers. The ceiling is made.

Application of glass wool in the ground

Most buildings abroad have above ground and underground space. The floor of living and activity space is not directly exposed to the external environment. This creates a powerful condition for the insulation of living space. However, if the basement and underground space are not heating space, especially in the winter, there will still be a considerable amount of heat passing through the floor on the first floor. Therefore, under the first floor of the building, there is still a need to fill high-density glass wool. At the same time, a certain thickness of rigid and semi-rigid glass wool is laid between the concrete floor of the basement and the foundation and soil.

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