Plastic nets talk about the characteristic advantages of new ABS plastic sheets

The properties of ABS plastic sheets meet the stringent requirements of the UL94 standard. For the railway industry, these plates meet S4/SR2/ST2 and demanding French standards. Bayblend® MTR also meets US standards for railway applications - Docket 90A/ASTME162 and Docket 90A/ASTME662. In the event of a fire, the combustion gases produced are only very corrosive. For flue gas density and toxicity, these materials meet

In addition, all sheets have excellent impact and notched impact strength over a wide temperature range. At 2,750 MPa and 3,800 MPa, there is an excellent high modulus of elasticity even without the glass fiber reinforced material. Therefore, parts made of these high-strength materials provide maximum protection to the human body when an accident occurs.

According to the news, the characteristics of ABS plastic sheet determine the interior of modern railway vehicles, such as trains or high-speed trains. Bayer MaterialScience offers polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene based sheets in products called Bayblend® FR3030 and Bayblend® MTR. This opaque material has a comfortable feel and a variety of different colors. The processing of thermoformed polymer blends is cost effective, even in the miniaturization of large parts and provides maximum safety. The above is the characteristic advantage of ABS plastic sheet.

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