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As people's demands for quality of life have increased, shower partitions have begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. However, many owners do not know much about the installation steps and precautions for shower room partitions and cannot check the installation quality. Today, with a small series to see shower room partition installation steps, precautions and take a look at the shower room partition picture for your reference.

Shower room partition installation steps

First, solicit the customer's consent to place the product at the appointed place and padded it with soft objects so as not to damage the floor or goods; clean the installation site, clean up the position of the pre-determined installation of the shower room, and verify the size;

Second, open the package to remove and check the product accessories and other damage;

Third, the installation of stone base: a good amount of size put on the stone base, so that parallel, vertical, horizontal, with a glass glue, etc., fixed, do not move after the fixed stone base so as not to destroy the viscosity of the glue;

Four: According to the position of the fixed glass of the house, the fixed glass set on the aluminum material is first screwed to one end of the upper and lower rails, and then the other two corners of the fixed glass are locked on the upper and lower rails by the F clip;

Fifth, the house can be placed flat on the ground and filled with foam or thick blocks.

1, according to the "side display" instructions will be two pieces of active glass sleeves into the track on the groove and the lower rail groove (in the installation of two pieces of active glass into the upper and lower track, pay attention to uniform, go in consistent, and not free Twist the screws of the boom so as not to cause the wheels to vary in height;

2. After the two pieces of moving glass are correctly installed in the room body, the other aluminum material is fixed on the upper and lower rails with screws, and then the two aluminum wall edges of the lock wall are put into place;

6. Move the assembled house to the stone foundation. After adjusting the position and level, mark the mark on the wall through the screw hole of the aluminum edge material, and then remove the house body; first use a glass drill with a suitable hole diameter. Drill through the tile and drill with a hole of the corresponding diameter to drill the hole in the deep wall and then enter the expansion rubber plug;

7. Move the assembled house to the previous position and fix the house to the wall with screws; install the aluminum decorative cover plate on the aluminum edge material;

8. Install handles, magnetic strips, and water-blocking strips;

Nine, check all the accessories are installed, check the solidity of the house, and ask the customer to check the acceptance, after the acceptance of the customer to the customer to explain in detail the use of precautions and maintenance details, and finally fill in the after-sales service list.

Shower partitions

Survey the installation site, check the dimensions, and ask the customer to provide wiring diagrams of the concealed water conduits to further verify that the location of the shower room to be installed is in conflict with the installed water conduits and switches, and verify the wall to be drilled. Whether it can be loaded, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Information on the shower room partition was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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