Wooden floor ceiling construction process Wooden floor ceiling inspection method

There are many homeowners who have a special liking for wood products, and because of economic conditions, they will be willing to use wood ceilings once . At this time, we need to understand the construction techniques and inspection methods of wooden floor ceilings, so that we can do a good job in decoration supervision. Today, with the small series to see the wooden floor ceiling construction technology and inspection methods for your reference.

Wooden floor ceiling construction technology

1. Construction process: Take-off line - determine hanging point - install wooden keel - leveling - side keel - overall leveling - arching.

2, install the wooden floor - adjust

(1) Control points:

1) Take off the line.

2) The overall adjustment of the dragon skeleton.

3) Install the leveling.

(2) Precautions:

1) The ceiling is uneven.

2) Clear seams.

3) The connection between ceiling and equipment is not proper.

(3) Measures:

1) The height error of the bullet mark is ±5mm. A control point shall be added in the middle of a large area. The same section shall be opened and the line shall not sink. Heavy equipment shall be provided with a hanging point.

2) The material is accurate and the corners are flat.

3) The dimensions of the reserved equipment port are correct, and the mouth is straight and flat.

Wooden floor ceiling inspection method

1. The panel installation quality should meet the following requirements: meet the design requirements; the surface is arched accurately; the surface is flat, the seams, the interface, the board seams straight, the error-free stage is dislocated, the width is narrow; the yin and yang corners are gathered; the decorative line shoulders The cutting direction is correct; the patchwork seams are tight, and the discharge position of the special-shaped plates is reasonable and beautiful. (Observation, pull, check)

2, the surface of the gold should meet the following requirements: the surface is neat, no warping, bumps.

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Wooden floor ceiling

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