Wooden floor Bay window decoration note

With the pursuit of home environment, many owners began to rationally use every space in their own homes. In this case, the Bay window became the choice of many homeowners. Then the wooden floor Bay window decoration need to pay attention to what? Today, with the small series to look at the wood floor floating window decoration considerations for your reference oh.

Wooden floor Bay window decoration notes of the wood floor

The use of wooden floors to make countertops is mainly winter does not feel cold, looks relatively simple, the disadvantage is that a long time is easy to be sun deformation, if you encounter the window to fight the rain is also easy to damp, to the winter on the bay window there will be a lot of Condensation droplets flow to the table, but also make the wood floor table deformation. The sauna board solves the defects of the wooden floor in terms of moisture resistance, but the sauna board has a single color and is decorated with other fabrics and the like.

Wooden floor Bay window decoration note Bay window curtain selection

Since the bay window is designed, it is natural to decorate it with suitable curtains. Most people like to use vertical curtains on the bay window. In fact, experts analyze that this is not very suitable for the bay window, compared to the Roman shade. More suitable for bay windows. Because the vertical curtain will block some of the light when it is closed, and it is not very neat, it may affect the appearance. Roman shades are relatively better, and they are also relatively neat after they are collected, and do not affect the light entering the room.

Wooden floor Bay window decoration note Bay window selection

There are two types of floating windows that are more popular nowadays: First, there are steps, and second, they are completely floor-to-door. No matter which one is adopted, the function of lighting and ventilation of the apartment can be increased, and it also adds extra charm to the house.

In addition, the calculation of the floating window area is also a concern for many owners. According to relevant regulations, the area should be calculated for non-vertical walled houses, such as sloped arcs, with a height of 2.2 meters or more; and the walls of the house should be outwardly inclined. Outside of the bottom line, the floor area is calculated based on floor projection. In other words, if there is a window with steps, as long as the height does not exceed 2.2 meters, it does not count toward the sales area, so there is no problem of paying for the bay window.

Therefore, the height of the floating sill to the ceiling is less than 2.2 meters. The window sill is not included in the area. The floating balcony (only one side is against the wall) is considered as half the area; the inner balcony (with three walls) is considered as the entire area. The landing window of more than 2.2 meters effectively expands the actual area of ​​use of the house. Therefore, it should be included in the area of ​​house property rights and the price should be calculated based on the actual measured area. These issues need attention!

Wood floor Bay window decoration note Bay window decoration

The bay window is different from the traditional flat window. Only one side of the flat window is glass, while the bay window is filled with glass on three sides. Its window sill height is also relatively low, giving people a broader perspective and closer to nature. Nowadays, many homes in the country are designed with bay windows. The pursuit is not just appearance but also practical functions. If the bedroom is equipped with a bay window, not only can you enjoy the outdoor light coming in, but you can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. Of course, the bay window can also be used as a good viewing platform.

The Bay Window has many advantages, but it still requires a lot of attention to adopt the Bay Window. First of all, it is recommended that the material of the window sill be equipped with a sun protection function, and it is also not recommended to set the bay window in the children's room, which is prone to accidents.

About the wooden floor floating window related information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Wooden floor Bay window Note Small bedroom Renovation Home

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