The refined oil pricing power or decentralized hardware companies “can't afford to hurt”

According to industry sources, in addition to the reduction in price adjustments, there is an important part of the current discussion program on refined oil pricing mechanism. When the international oil price is below 130 US dollars per barrel, the mainland government may defer refined oil products to the three major oil companies. right.

According to a report, according to a scheme under discussion, when the average price of crude oil in the international market changes by more than 4% for 22 consecutive working days, the gas station can raise (or lower) gasoline and diesel prices on its own without reporting (government).

The new scheme for refined oil pricing mechanism means that for hardware companies that use refined oil as raw materials, it means that the production and operating costs are turbulent. In the short term, the cost of “Made in China” hardware companies will increase. Judging from the relationship between crude oil price and value, the turmoil in oil prices has obviously affected the marginal cost of production in the hardware industry. Due to fierce competition, the hardware industry has a poor ability to conduct downstream prices, but it will inevitably cause costs to be uncertain and affect the development of the hardware industry.

2011, a rise, the decentralization of refined oil pricing will not raise prices?

In the face of soaring energy prices, rising labor costs, and rising pressures, China's traditional hardware processing companies are experiencing “labor pains” in product upgrades and structural adjustments. Although the country has adopted various measures to stimulate domestic demand and stabilize foreign demand, it has also issued a series of measures such as raising export tax rebates, but after all, the impact is limited. Not all hardware companies benefit from national policies. Therefore, if companies want long-term development, they must pay attention to their own development, promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of the company, and accelerate the upgrading and transformation of product structure by strengthening technological research and development and innovation.

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