Yangzi Solar: Successfully Held Linquan South Investment Promotion Association

On August 25, 2011, China Yangtze Group and Yangtze New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the “Investment to the End” theme of the investment promotion conference at the Hyatt Regency Linquan Hotel. It attracted the attention of many dealers in Linquan and Weinan. The general manager of the company, Mr. Wanxi Xiu, visited the site to share with friends of your distributors the current market prospects of solar energy. The meeting was successfully concluded under the auspices of Zhang Bonjun, manager of the company's sales department and assistant Zhao Li. After the meeting, the dealers fixed more than 300 machines on site and signed sales contracts with the company for distribution of solar products from Yangtze.

“Yangtze Solar is affiliated to the China Yangtze Group and we have a good product quality. We have been tracking from the product to the channel manufacturers and can be a distributor of Yangzi Solar Energy. I am particularly pleased.” The excitement of Duan Yuzhen, Dong Ziying, who was ordered at the scene of the China Merchants Association, was full of excitement.

Yangzi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. continuously innovated the design concept and launched Jin Xifu Kanghui and Jin Xifu Extreme series products in response to the water quality characteristics of the rural market and the market's requirements. New products are upgraded on the basis of original heat collection, heat preservation and purification. Designed to allow users to intuitively experience the real water heater products. At the same time three times high scores winning home appliances to the countryside, China's construction of energy-saving emission reduction top ten solar energy companies and many other honors also to the majority of Yangzi Solar dealers to open up the market to inject confidence.

The successful completion of Yangzi Solar Spring and the South Anhui Investment Promotion Conference also opened the curtain for the company to fully operate this market. We are confident and able to build Yangzi solar energy into Linquan and Weinan in the shortest time. The first brand in the region.

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