Design new concept - ISCAR chameleon cutter series


Increasing production efficiency while reducing production costs is the goal of metal cutting. The innovative ISCAR company has recently launched the Chameleon tool series, which has a unique tool body design that expands the versatility of the tool body with higher cost in the overall tool. A tool body can use a variety of different shapes of the blade, thus achieving Fewer cutters meet a wide range of different machining requirements. The tool series is briefly described below.

1. Chameleon drill

The drill consists of a drill pipe and four interchangeable drill bits (see Figure 1). The drill rod positioning structure is exquisitely designed, which not only solves the difficulty of positioning the small diameter machine clamp blade, but also makes the replacement of the drill bit simple and easy. During the processing, the drill pipe is not required to be removed from the machine tool, and the clamping structure does not need any screws and devices. This is more conducive to saving time.

figure 1

All the cutter heads are made of PVD coated IC528 material, which has excellent toughness and can ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge. The inner cold drill rod is made of high quality tool steel and has a large chip pocket to ensure smooth chip removal.
The drill bits of four different shapes range from φ12 to 16.9 mm, with a gear of 0.1 mm, and the maximum depth of drilling is three and five times the diameter.
The use of four different shapes of drill bits:
The IDI-SG drill is recommended for drilling with a top angle of 140° and a longer cutting edge;
IDI-CG drill bit is recommended for chamfering and drilling the core hole, the apex angle is 90°;
IDI-FG drill bits are recommended for flattening and drilling flat bottom holes;
IDI-RG is recommended for machining spherical cavities.

2. Chameleon slot cutter

The machining of small diameter inner bore grooves has always been a difficult point in machining.

The ISCAR chameleon slot cutter uses a drill rod to replace different cutter heads to complete the turning, contouring and threading of small bores, and to machine grooves of different shapes, various chamfers and roots. See Figure 2).

1. Turning 2. Grooving 3. Thread processing 4. Profile processing

figure 2

The micro mast is positioned by a special structure of three-jaw rod, the side pressing screw is tightened, the positioning is accurate, the clamping is quick, the outer knife is not required to be machined, and the center of the knife bar is sprayed with water.

Dmin=7.8mm cutter head width is 0.5~3mm; contouring cutter head fillet radius is from 1.2~2.0mm; it can be used for 55° and 60° thread processing. The range is from 0.9mm to 0.19D.

3. Chameleon turning tool

The chameleon turning tool adopts three-point bearing positioning to assist the shape of the composite tool holder. With the same pressing method, one turning body can be used, and four different blades can be used to meet longitudinal turning, face turning, chamfering and profiling. Different processing requirements (see Figure 3).
The CC95MT has a 95° lead angle and is recommended for longitudinal cutting and end face machining;
The SC95MT car blade has a 45° lead angle and is recommended for turning and chamfering;
The RC90MT type car blade is a round blade and is recommended for profiling;
The QC95MT insert has four 80° cutting edges and is recommended for end shoulders or axial shoulders.

4. Chameleon milling cutter

The chameleon milling cutter body has a unique blade positioning structure. A cutter body can be equipped with an octagonal, circular or square blade, which has different lead angles for different blades.

The milling cutter not only has end mills, but also milling cutters, ranging in size from D32 to D125. Different blade shapes allow a tool body to meet almost all milling requirements (see Figure 4).

image 3

Figure 4

The introduction of the ISCAR chameleon tool series has raised the structural design of the tool to a new level. This series of tools can not only meet the requirements of mass production, but also suitable for the trial production and development of new products, mold processing and other single-piece, small-batch, multi-variety processing. On the one hand, advanced tool cutting performance greatly increases production efficiency; on the other hand, less tool body inventory minimizes production costs.

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